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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Bad “vibes” from professor leads to suspension

Thomas Docherty, a staunch opponent of the marketisation of education, was reprimanded for negative body language and sarcasm during interviews for faculty positions.

Photo: Courtesy of Other Sounds Society

Live: Other Sounds Society Halloween

It was an unusual random lineup but it was fitting for a bunch of open-minded music connoisseurs on a Monday night

Vintage clothing. Photo: Gráinne Morrison

The Upcycling Project

Aimée Grant Cumberbatch fills you in on the SU’s inspiring new fashion initiative

The Students' Union Executive team have described the practice as "disgraceful". Photo: Wikimedia Commons


The Sun has contacted this publication among others across the country offering money for photographs of students in offensive fancy dress costumes this Halloween, a move that the Executive team has collectively condemned

Men should be feminists too. Photo: Garry Knight @Flickr

The role of men in feminism

Men need to contribute to feminism too argues Deepanshi.

If gender isn't relevant, then why does gender inequality still exist? And what can we do about it? Photo: hillaryandanna @Flickr

There’s no ‘I’ in ‘equal’

We must begin to see feminism as equality for both genders because feminism is not misandry, says Katie Bowden

Feminism is misandry, and it's exacerbating the situation according to Swayne O'Pie. Photo: morningshadow @Flickr

The Hateriarchy

Feminism is hardly bashful and the pervasive misandry is only serving to make men resentful, says author Swayne O’Pie

Oak House, likened to a prison by many students. Photo: Iris Chase @ Flickr

Warning – University will seriously damage your health!

A YouGov survey has discovered that 84 per cent of students think their accommodation is harmful to health

Photo: Flickr user passetti

Club: RBMA presents DJ Harvey

DJ Harvey provides a master class in DJing

Photo: Flickr user ama_lia

Live: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s live show perfectly mixes over the top visuals with impressive musicianship

Hudson Mohawke. Photo: Flickr user passetti

Club: Sounds Of The Near Future @ WHP

Sounds Of The Near Future sees a night of Glaswegian dominance in Manchester

Photo: nudevinyl @ Flickr

Club: Matthew Herbert

Herbert reigned in his experimentalist tendencies and span a very dancefloor focused set