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Top 5: Musicians Making Movies

Sarah Wolff sings the praises of her favourite multi-talented celebrities, ‘note’able not only for their music but also their on screen compos(e)ure.


5) Eminem

Putting his story on 8mm in ‘8 mile’, the Pope of White hip-hop proved more than capable of broadening his horizons onto the big screen, which resulted in the ultimate bio-pic of our early teen years.

4) Justin Timberlake
Since rocking matching denim with ex-girlfriend Britney in the 90s and Bodies in the 00s, Justin Timberlake has come a long way. The former boyband sweetheart recently silenced remaining critics with noteworthy performances in a number of major productions, most notably as Napster founder Sean Parker in ‘The Social Network’.

3) Björk
Casting Icelandic singer Björk as the female lead of his musical drama ‘Dancer in the dark’ was Lars von Trier’s ultimate moment of genius: at Cannes 2000 the film secured him his first and only Palme D’or while Björk’s outstanding performance won her the best actress award.

2) Frank Sinatra
This list wouldn’t be complete without Frank Sinatra, presumably the most successful musician and actor on it. With an academy award on his records and a legacy reaching from here to eternity, there’s only one slightly stupid thing left to say: Frank, we love you.

1) David Bowie
Obvious number one is the master of reinvention, excelling in a role that would have been Rock ‘n’ Roll suicide for anyone else, in the 1986 cult classic ‘Labyrinth’. David Bowie made us all heroes back in 1977 and recently saved the United Kingdom from demolition (Yes, Scotland stayed with us because he asked them to), he thus remains undisputed (Goblin) King.