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Manchester Chinese Business Society

Manchester Chinese Business Society could be the gateway to finding your perfect business partner.


What does Manchester Chinese Business Society do?

Manchester Chinese Business Society is the unique business non-profit society for Chinese students. We are concentrating on providing the opportunities for Chinese students getting into social business environment. The society is under the guidance and control of University of Manchester Students’ Union. There are almost 2000 followers in our wechat platforms already.

We will make the best use of the network of students who graduated from University of Manchester and other resources to deliver presentations, workshops and operate gatherings regarding to business and career topics. We will also invite successful businessmen and excellent entrepreneurs who contribute a lot in business industry to share their experience. The main goal for our presentation is to help Chinese students to apply our knowledge in practical business environment and inspire Chinese students to start their new business in the United Kingdom or China.

The workshop is a platform for our members to discuss and share the latest business topics (such as e-business and e-market, or political impacts on Chinese business). Each gathering is a opportunity for you to get to know people have the same interest with you in business and expand your network—not only in university but also in future career. If you need any advice or inspiration in business, join our workshop and gathering. Your future business partner may simply be found in Manchester Business Society! This is a perfect opportunity for you to realise your potential ability in business and increase awareness.

To find out more information, please look for us on Facebook: Manchester Chinese Business Society and wechat: uomnews. If you are interested in doing business in China and corporate with Chinese people, please email us:

Article kindly provided by Lina Chi.