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Jailbreak victors reach Croatia

Manchester student volunteers compete once again in the annual RAG event Jailbreak to raise money for the children’s cancer charity Kidscan


At 4pm on Thursday 24th October the RAG event Jailbreak began for University of Manchester students. Participating teams had until 10pm on Friday 25th to get the furthest away from Manchester, in the sponsored event intended to raise money for the children cancer charity Kidscan.

For those unfamiliar with the RAG Jailbreak tradition, participating teams compete against one another to travel as far away from Manchester as possible within a 30-hour time limit. However, the participants cannot spend any of their own money and instead must rely on hitching or generous donations, such as cash or plane tickets, to try to win the competition.

Each team, typically made up of two to three members, is expected to raise a minimum of £120 for Kidscan, who also receive donations for Jailbreak from Salford, Newcastle, Hull and Hertfordshire University. Previous Manchester University contestants have managed to reach as far as New York and Hong Kong during the 30-hour time limit.

For the past 10 years all money raised by Manchester students from the Jailbreak event has gone to Kidscan, a children’s cancer charity. Kidscan works with the specific aim of finding and improving cancer treatments to be more suitable for children who suffer from the traditional and typically more aggressive cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, in some instances developing secondary cancer in later life as a result of earlier treatment.

The winning team for this year’s Jailbreak, known as George and Joe, reached Croatia within the 30 hours; hitching from Manchester to Heathrow, where they camped for the night to raise some £220 in donations which they then used to buy plane tickets to Croatia.

However, whilst George and Joe have won the Jailbreak event specifically, the competition is still on going for any RAG team to raise the most money. So far Team Battle Toad are heading the leader board with over £700 in donations.

RAG have also organised a money raising event over the reading week weekend at Piccadilly Train Station and the RAG competition will not close until 7th December, with new teams still able to sign up.