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Manchester students get cheeky for charity: The 2015 naked calendar is here!

The RAG naked calendar makes a spectacular return in time for Christmas.


The Raise and Give (RAG) naked calendar for 2015 is released next week, in time to fill stockings at Christmas.

Student societies and sports teams from across the university were called to bear all in the name of charity.

Many of this year’s photos are particularly brave, such as Fuse FM covering themselves with nothing but vinyl records and microphones, and the men and women’s rugby teams making tactical use of their [rugby] balls.

The RAG committee chose to protect their modesty with cheques and charity buckets.

In a statement to The Mancunion, Florence Waller-Carr, chair of RAG and featured in the calendar, said, “I’m pleased so many students wanted to take part from such a wide array of societies. It was great to see so many people coming together to raise money for a great cause.

“We wanted it to be fun, cheeky and tasteful, everyone that has taken part is really pleased with their pictures! Taking the photos was hilariously awkward but worth it to raise money for charity!”

The Mancunion also spoke to James Nolan, the controller of Fuse FM.

Reflecting on whether the experience was awkward, Nolan said, “Personally, I thought it would be more awkward than it was, but some of the others took and bit of time to get their kit off when it came down to it. In the end though, everyone had a good laugh”.

Nolan was also asked how Fuse FM chose the lucky few to pose in their photo. He replied, “I basically asked everyone who wanted to do it. A few of us weren’t huge fans of the idea so decided against doing it. Everyone who said they were up for it however (apart from one who was unfortunately too ill on the day), were the ones in the final photo”.

Students creating naked calendars in the past has attracted controversy.

Last year, Warwick University Womens Rowing Club had their naked calendar removed from Facebook, after it was branded as “pornography” by the social media network.

The naked rowers were told that their work broke Facebook’s strict policy on nudity and pornography. The accusations led to members of the rowing club speaking out. One rower, Hettie Reed, said “The negative comments that we most commonly hear are that by being in a naked calendar ‘girls are selling their bodies’ and that we’re making it acceptable for women to be used as sex toys.

Fit & Lift Society pose for the month of August. Photo: RAG

Fit & Lift Society pose for the month of August. Photo: Manchester RAG

“These naked calendars do make money for some fantastic charities and so what really is the harm in them?”
They still managed to raise £3,400 for Macmillan Cancer Support, and this year, the Warwick rowing girls defied their critics and returned once again with another oarsome naked calendar.

Sophie Bell, one of the rowers featured in the calendar, told The Huffington Post, “We’re proud of what we have achieved, which includes raising over £5,000 for Macmillan, promoting gender equality and providing healthy, athletic role models for young women.”

The Manchester RAG Naked Calendar 2015 is available to buy in the union shop.

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