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Live: Deer Tick

Deer Tick’s set is full of character, laughter and ear-busting rock


17th November

O2 Apollo


Rhode Island five-piece received—and was deservedly appreciated by—a packed Manchester crowd. Being up in the rafters of the O2 Apollo was by no means an exclusion from the highly charged atmosphere created by John, Ian, Chris, Dennis and Rob of alternative rock band Deer Tick. Playing support act to notorious rockers The Gaslight Anthem, this particular half-hour set saw character, laughter and ample amounts of ear-busting rock.

With an undeniable foot-tapping effect reverberating round the iconic Manchester venue, numbers ‘Easy’, ‘Ashamed’ and ‘Main Street’ went down a storm with the band feeding off the committed reception of those in attendance.

Whilst generally a flawless gig, there were times between the bridge of tunes where excessive lead guitar pieces detracted from the cohesion of the rest of the band with focus altering to the antics of the performer rather than the quality of the music. Whilst not necessarily a criticism, clearer queues of transition from one tune to another would have provided greater clarity for newcomers to the band, as confusion could be seen on many a face as to when one song had finished and another had begun.

Nothing of note to write about concerning technical aspects. Basic lighting and speakers cracked up to the max, arguably all a music lover needs to enjoy the show.

No doubt Deer Tick prospered in the role of support act, leaving the crowd primed and ready for a knockout performance by The Gaslight Anthem, touring their new album Get Hurt. All in all, a fun, enjoyable night.