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You don’t have to get them to give them GAP!

Sofia Coppola has joined forces with Gap for their latest festive fashion campaign, Mia Krikler takes a look


Fashion icon and globally acclaimed director of hits such as ‘Lost in Translation’, Sofia Coppola has directed Gap’s adorable Christmas campaign adverts. Capturing the curious charms of a family Christmas, Coppola has created a series of four short advertisements for the brand.

With the actors wrapped up in Gap’s AW14 collection which consists of warm, stripy staple items that you can wear with anything, one of the films portrays a teenage beauty playing on the pinball machine in a deserted restaurant. Whereas another short film depicts a quintessential Christmas environment with a boy left standing under the mistletoe.

With her beautiful cinematography, Coppola successfully warms the nation’s hearts with these adverts, leaving us longing for snowy, hot chocolate-filled nights, wrapped in (if you are lucky, Burberry) blankets around a warm fire.

The characters all have an idiosyncrasy that leads them to say the tagline “You don’t have to get them to give them GAP”. Gap’s creative Director, Rebekka Bay said that Coppola “helped us to bring our fashion themes to life”. The campaign showcases the brand’s optimistic stripe collection alongside their biker jackets. This collection is more giftable and as Bay says, “More Gap than ever!”.