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Live: Love Inks

Love Inks bring their slow and groovy blend of indie to Soup Kitchen


1st December

Soup Kitchen


With the wind and the rain howling outside in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, Love Inks played a small gig in the homely warmth of Soup Kitchen. Small may be a bit of an understatement, as there were only 16 people present in the audience. Despite this Love Inks played a good show, playing several songs from their most recent album Exi as well as from their debut album.

The highlights of the set come in the form of ‘Outta sight’ and ‘Solar Diary’. These songs epitomise Love Ink’s sound; a blend of the slow and groovy guitar lines of The XX, and the alluring vocals of Stevie Nicks. Yet it is perhaps ‘Night Lunch’, which is the standout song of the set; it momentarily transporting the audience away from the confines of Soup Kitchen and the bleak wintery Manchester environment.

Love Ink’s could no way be considered that lively, but they handled the awkwardness of a small crowd well and played an atmospheric performance.