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Daily Archives: 9th February 2015

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Interview: Korn

Donald Spencer chats with James “Munky” Shaffer, guitarist and founding member of Korn

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5 things… to avoid at university in 2015

You may have already made, unmade, remade and completely given up on, your new year’s resolutions, but here are some things all students will do well to avoid this year.

Summer in America. Photo: Mark Woodward

“My Super Summer in the States”

Dreading being stuck at home for three stifling months? Take a tip from Manchester student Mark Woodward and go stateside, even with little $, by volunteering as a Camp Leader.

Wish you was here in Miami.
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New Years in Miami

Natalie Silver reminisces about her unusual new year spent in The Magic City

Marriages of all kinds are socially acceptable in Modern Britain. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Homophobia, the church, the mosque, and the synagogue

It’s not too late for religions to shed their homophobic and socially irrelevant image—they just need to take a more positive, metaphorical, and liberal approach

But which one? 
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Feast your eyes on these bullshit diets

Fancy eating your t-shirt or drinking syrup?

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The look of love

Adrienne Galloway on the style benefits of conscious coupling

Map of Love 
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Valentine’s Day across the globe

I love you; Je t’aime; Ti amo – Perisha Kudhail explores 14th of February customs from around the world

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Interview: Motor City Drum Ensemble

Patrick Hinton talks with MCDE about Raw Cuts, thrift shops and coping with anxiety

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Paris is overrated

The city of love? More like the city of hate says Natalie Silver

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Worst and best Valentine’s Day gifts

Get out of Ann Summers and bin the teddies, but keep the roses, as long as they’re not red, says Molly Allen

February marks LGBT History Month in the UK. Photo: basetree @Flickr

Fifty per cent of trans students consider dropping out

A 2014 study by the NUS also flagged up issues with LGBT harassment and bullying in UK universities