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Overheard at the University of Manchester, 16/2/15

The funniest things you’ve been saying around university this week


“I’m never taking MD again. Oh, wait, no, apart from next weekend. After next weekend, I’m never taking it again.”
Overheard on a magic bus

“I don’t know why but I have a feeling Chile would be really cold”
Overheard in the Samuel Alexander building

“I had a sex dream about my lecturer last night.”
Overheard outside the llibrary

“He’s really annoying me at the moment, he acts like he’s better than everyone because he’s an aspiring DJ. This is Manchester, who isn’t an aspiring DJ?”
Overheard on the bus

“Would you rather have a vagina on your forehead or penises all down your back like a stegosaurus?”
“Definitely the stegosaurus dicks. Would you rather eat a bowl of shit once or have explosive diarrhoea for the rest of your life?”
Overheard in the Learning Commons café

“I don’t give a fuck about Withington!”
Overheard in Sainsbury’s, Fallowfield

Overheard anything hilarious this week?
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