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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Photo: Richard Heaven @Flickr

Interview: Fightstar

Samuel Ward chats with Alex Westaway about the future of Fightstar

Photo: Universal Television

TV Binge: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Sarah Wolff gives us another show to add to our Netflix lists

Photo: BBC Films

Review: Suite Française

Hassam Ahmed says that Suite Française fails due to its lifeless romance story

Irresponsible media responses such as this serve to perpetuate hysteria, not clarity. Photo: The Daily Mail

24 hours on air

In light of the tragic Germanwings crash, Joe Evans looks critically at how we thirst for constant news, and how this leads to hysteria and misinformation

Photo: Truss

Club: Transmission Funk presents Truss, Clouds & J Tijn

Transmission Funk enlist a threesome of djs to fuck with your mind

Noisy May Amy Flared Jeans, £35

Flare, there, everywhere

Kirsty Marsh on the trend that’s flaring up all over the fashion world

Graphene oxide flakes interacting with cell membranes. Photo: University of Manchester

Breaking the tumour-sphere: Graphene shows anti-cancer properties

Research by a team from the University of Manchester has shown that graphene can be used to target and neutralise cancer stem cells

Photo: Insert Magasine @Flickr

What are you Wii U-ating for?

James Thursfield argues why it is time for gamers to pick up a Wii U

Photo: Proton Cinema

Cornerhouse Pick of the Week: White God

Barney Weston tells us about the strengths and weaknesses of this Hungarian movie about dogs

Photo: Universal Pictures

Feature: The American Dreamer

Tom Bruce reviews the authenticity of various on-screen representations of journalist Hunter S. Thompson, comparing them with the books and with the man himself

Photo: Netflix

TV Binge: Orange is the New Black

Georgia Welch locks in for a TV marathon of the best female prison drama-comedy in the world, bar none

Photo: University of Manchester

From Freshers’ to fashion week

Kassi Allcock on how being a student has changed her style for the better