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Live: Students’ Union Exec election results

The Mancunion is covering the announcements results of the Exec elections live from Club Academy

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Marcus Johns 12th March 201510:03 PM

Well done to the 2015-2016 Officers!

Next year’s exec team:

Marcus Johns 12th March 20159:59 PM

Joel Smith celebrating with a cheeky wink:

Charlie Spargo 12th March 20159:59 PM

The candidates pose for a picture and have a few hugs before the proceedings are wrapped up. We will follow with a few interviews with successful candidates on their reactions and feelings.

Charlie Spargo 12th March 20159:58 PM

Charles Barry invites the newly-elected Exec Team to the stage. The list is as follows:

General Secretary: Naa Acquah
Activities and Development Officer: Joel Smith
Community Officer: Harriet Pugh
Education Officer: Michael Spence
Campaigns and Citizenship Officer: Hannah McCarthy
Wellbeing Officer: Lucy Hallam
Diversity Officer: Natasha Maria Brooks
Women’s Officer: Jess Lishak

Marcus Johns 12th March 20159:57 PM

To Naa’s knowledge she is the first black female Gen Sec ever!

Charlie Spargo 12th March 20159:55 PM

Naa has already started crying since the first round of voting was announced, but she takes the stage nonetheless. The crowd sing her songs. She acknowledges how tough the election campaign was, and gives credit to her competitors. “Any promise I have ever made, I will fulfil them!”

Charlie Spargo 12th March 20159:54 PM

This is the highest absolute turnout for the General Secretary since the position was created in 1974, or before. In the first round, Naa Acquah took the lead in the first two rounds. Naa took 3409 in the final round, meaning:

Naa Acquah is elected General Secretary for 2015!

Charlie Spargo 12th March 20159:52 PM

Now for the one all have been waiting for, General Secretary.

Charlie Spargo 12th March 20159:51 PM

Joel takes the stage. He thanks “Conor, for being a lad,” along with the rest of the Exec team, along with the Voice team and other candidates, before leaving the stage.

Charlie Spargo 12th March 20159:50 PM

Activities and Development Officer next. It had the highest turnout in any position of any Union, ever, at 9704. The threshold stood at 4851. Joseph Clough took over 1000 votes in the first round, but Joel Smith comfortably led the competition with almost 4000. In the final round, Joel took 4818 votes, meaning:

Joel Smith is re-elected Activities and Development Officer!

Marcus Johns 12th March 20159:49 PM

Jess Lishak celebrating her victory:

Charlie Spargo 12th March 20159:48 PM

To a chant of “Jess We Can!” Jess takes the stage. Jess thanks everyone who voted, congratulating all the staff on the amazing year they’ve had.

Marcus Johns 12th March 20159:47 PM

Hannah H McCarthy celebrating her victory:

Charlie Spargo 12th March 20159:47 PM

Women’s Officer had 3 rounds of voting. Threshold stood at 4113. In the first two rounds Jess Lishak easily led the competition. Jess took 4112 votes in the final round, meaning:

Jess Lishak is re-elected Women’s Officer!

Charlie Spargo 12th March 20159:45 PM

Hannah takes to the podium. She begins to cry as she thanks all her friends and supporters.

Charlie Spargo 12th March 20159:44 PM

Campaigns & Citizenship begins. The threshold was 3975. In the first and second rounds Hannah ‘Han Solo’ McCarthy led. McCarthy received 3737 votes in the final round, meaning:

Hannah ‘Han Solo’ McCarthy is elected Campaigns and Citizenship Officer!

Marcus Johns 12th March 20159:43 PM

Lucy Hallam celebrating her victory:

Charlie Spargo 12th March 20159:42 PM

An idea of the atmosphere in the room.

Charlie Spargo 12th March 20159:42 PM

6 rounds for Wellbeing. The threshold stood at 3832. Lucy Hallam leads the final round with 3026, meaning:

Lucy Hallam is elected Wellbeing Officer!

Marcus Johns 12th March 20159:41 PM

Unfortunately the person operating the powerpoint is considerably behind Charles Barry’s announcements.

Marcus Johns 12th March 20159:40 PM

Michael Spence celebrating:

Marcus Johns 12th March 20159:38 PM

Another hug to finish the speech and we move on to Wellbeing.

Charlie Spargo 12th March 20159:38 PM

“Special thanks to Chris James, you are absolutely amazing. Thanks to everyone who voted… thanks to everyone who got involved. This was the biggest election in the UK!”

Marcus Johns 12th March 20159:38 PM

Michael Spence gave Charles Barry a hug to begin his speech.

Charlie Spargo 12th March 20159:38 PM

In 4 rounds of voting, the threshold stood at 3809. Michael Spence leads the first, second and third rounds. Michael Spence received 3345 votes in the final round meaning:

Michael Spence is elected Education Officer!

Marcus Johns 12th March 20159:37 PM

Harriet giving her speech:

Charlie Spargo 12th March 20159:36 PM

Education Officer next.

Charlie Spargo 12th March 20159:35 PM

Harriet takes the podium for a speech. She thanks the current Exec team, her housemates for “making her cakes and shit,” to everyone who’s voted, and the Union staff who have made this election amazing.

Marcus Johns 12th March 20159:35 PM

“Just a couple of ‘thank you’s,” says Harriet H Pugh.

Charlie Spargo 12th March 20159:34 PM

Now, Community Officer.

Nobody won in the first or second rounds. In the third round, Harriet Pugh took 3591 votes, meaning:

Harriet ‘Ha Pee’ Pugh is elected Community Officer!

Marcus Johns 12th March 20159:33 PM

Natasha Maria Brooks celebrating:

Marcus Johns 12th March 20159:31 PM

Natasha Maria Brooks has been elected the Diversity Officer!

Marcus Johns 12th March 20159:31 PM

Final three: Natasha Brooks, Claudia Carvell, Jenny Edem-Hotah

Marcus Johns 12th March 20159:30 PM

Diversity: no one won the first round, no one won the second round, no one won the third round.

The final four candidates are: Jenny Edem-Hotah, Claudia Carvell, Tanisha Douglas, and Natasha Brooks

Charlie Spargo 12th March 20159:28 PM

Diversity had a total of 7 rounds of voting.

7525 votes were cast meaning 3762 votes were required to win.

Marcus Johns 12th March 20159:27 PM

Charles is about to announce the positions.

Marcus Johns 12th March 20159:26 PM

The winner of the Schools turnout trophy is the School of Life Science with 44.5%, Physics and Astronomy in second with a turnout of 42.4%, and Law in third with 42.2%.

Charlie Spargo 12th March 20159:25 PM

Overall results of the elections:

13264 student voters cast over 60000 individual votes; the largest student elections since records began. A 123 per cent increase since last year.

Marcus Johns 12th March 20159:25 PM

Charles is beginning to discuss the votes:

Charlie Spargo 12th March 20159:24 PM

Barry thanks staff members and student staff, for giving up their time in order to make the elections so successful. Secondly, he thanks the Voice team and communications team for their dedication. Also to the Deputy Returning Officer Trish for overlooking the campaign and ensuring its success. With a nod to Ancient Greek democracy, he thanks finally the candidates for their hard work, their spirit, and for winning the support of their peers.

Charlie Spargo 12th March 20159:21 PM

The crowd are in full voice, cheering and applauding for both the candidates and the current Exec Team, as Charlie Cook introduces Charles Barry to announce the winners of the Executive elections.

Marcus Johns 12th March 20159:21 PM

Charlie Cook is now on stage introducing this year’s election results. “The current exec team are my team and they have been my support and my family for the last year and I think that they have done an excellent job in engaging students in running campaigns and supporting students. Bringing the union to the forefront of the university as an accessible place to everyone.”

Charlie Spargo 12th March 20159:18 PM

Charlie Cook, current General Secretary of the Students’ Union, talking to The Mancunion: “I am completely overwhelmed by this evening, the turnout is entirely reflective of our candidates’ passion, our staffs’ dedication and our membership’s identification with their Union.
“To imagine, a year and a half ago that we would be in this position is unreal, you don’t get turnarounds like this. It is extraordinary, and this is an extraordinary organisation. It is the students’ leadership, in everything from our societies, our volunteering, our campaigning, and course representation, all the way up to the Executive leadership. This is what has allowed Manchester to thrive over the last year, and I am so excited for the new team and the year ahead.
“With the calibre of candidates we have seen this year I know that they will achieve great things; it’s quite something to be leaving behind not only a Union which is financially secure, but has seen unprecedeted levels of growth in our engagement, smashing all UK records. I’m really proud.”

Marcus Johns 12th March 20159:09 PM

Just a quick reminder that 13264 students voted in this year’s elections. That’s 2000 more students than the previous record held by the University of Nottingham.

Marcus Johns 12th March 20159:03 PM

So the results are set in stone. Unfortunately, the candidates have been permitted by the Union to see the results early which will ruin our reaction photographs.

However, there is a great atmosphere in the room and the announcement that the results are ready indicates that the delay will shortly be over.

Marcus Johns 12th March 20158:53 PM

Delays due to the earlier technical fault have the podium standing empty.

Marcus Johns 12th March 20158:50 PM

We are live in the Students’ Union’s club academy awaiting this year’s election results for next year’s Exec Team. Having broken previous national records for voter turnout, next year’s Exec Team will have the largest mandate of any Students’ Union ever.

Due to an earlier technical fault with the university computer system, voting was extended until 5pm and the election announcements are expected to be delayed.