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You Can’t Handle the Truth! – JLaw’s overhyped career

Arne Dumez reckons that Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t come close to deserving her wide acclaim


We all know how it goes: A fresh personality appears in a fresh teen saga and through media incubation grows to achieve stardom of ridiculous proportions. Just like so many before her, this is how Jennifer Lawrence became the international superstar she is today. Much like the iPhone 8J or the Samsung Milkyway XI, she is the same old thing sold to us under a new name and ‘tude. What makes me worthy of declaring this? I’m a film critic, this is what I do. Deal with it…

I see Jennifer as the One Direction of the film industry. She rose to global fame through a commercially successful product; Hunger Games equals X-Factor; and then became a heartthrob by resonating with female insecurities; “I won’t starve myself for a role” equals ‘That’s What Makes You Beautiful’. This means that a huge part of her appeal does not lie in her on-screen performances. If you have lived anywhere with access to online ‘news’ you will have caught wind of her ‘hilarious’ interview replies and her ‘I can’t believe she just did that’ attitude at the stuffy Hollywood events. This year she decided to visit a Boston mall instead of attending the Oscars, because she is just that cool. Basically, Jennifer’s charisma lies in her ability to not play by the rules. Just when you thought she’d just meet Jack Nicholson and be all like ‘whatever’, she turns around and, like, totally freaks out, dude!

Let’s talk about the acting for a bit. Miss Lawrence came to prominence in X-Men: First Class, where she portrayed the morally ambivalent character of Mystique. I do not know who’s decision it was to dumb the character down to an insecure attention-seeking teenager, but I will say that Miss Lawrence played the part perfectly. Then the Hunger Gamers saga appeared and she was projected into stardom, where she was even awarded an Academy Award for Silver Linings Playbook. How did nobody see that that was one of the most overrated performances of all time, by the way?! Just because you play a mentally-deranged character doesn’t mean you can recite your lines as if you’ve only read them for the first time two minutes ago.

Anyways, now you know how I feel about Harry Styl… sorry, Jennifer Lawrence. Then again, maybe I am just a cold-hearted cynic. Whatever.

  • Cindy

    this article is so pathetic that it’s fun. She was nominated for an Oscar BEFORE Hunger Games. Nice try

    • doug field

      What’s pathetic is this response

  • TC_94

    PATHETIC…Arne Dumez needs mental treatments…Please, we need your help. Donate so you can make a difference…

    • Joseph Pineda

      I would donate to an institution that could make you less of a dipshit, but I don’t think that could ever be done.

  • Claudia Rodriguez

    Two words: Winter’s Bone. Do your homework. “Film Critic” ha!

    • Frodo Baggins

      Why do you only ever comment about Jennifer Lawrence?

      • Claudia Rodriguez

        Because I want to. Is there a rule that I have to post somewhere else?

        • Frodo Baggins

          Well that was one of the most over defensive, passive aggressive comments I’ve ever encountered. Do you always get this angry when people criticise your idol?

          • Claudia Rodriguez

            Yes, apparently I cannot stand idiots.

            • Frodo Baggins

              correction, you cannot stand people who have a different opinion than you on some person whom neither of us will ever meet

            • Claudia Rodriguez

              Whatever you say. I’m done with this conversation. Bye.

            • Joseph Pineda

              Dumb Twat!

  • Frodo Baggins

    I don’t agree that she’s an “awful” actress she’s not a bad actress, just slightly above average. I do however, agree that her silly, ‘quirky’ (note the inverted commas) persona more than anything has turned her into the “superstar” she is today and is earning her roles. Incredible PR & marketing to be fair to her team. Yes she was good in Winter’s Bone, but Nic Cage was good in Leaving Las Vegas (and I would never stretch to say that he is an amazing actor, because he’s really not). One role doesn’t define whether someone’s good or not. Yes she won an Oscar for TSLPB but Shakespeare in Love won Best Picture and Paltrow won Best Actress. It’s just one of those blips where the Academy blatantly got it wrong, but who really trusts the Academy these days? Apart from Winter’s Bone and (maybe?) Silver Linings PB, she’s completely prone to over-acting (best examples are from the Hunger Games and House at the End of the Street). I’m not saying she’s a bad actress, but she just simply isn’t as good as people (who can’t see past her personality) say she is.

    It seems the rest of these commenters just…. COULDN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH

    *sunglasses on*

    • Claudia Rodriguez

      If it floats both of your boats, by all means.

    • CS

      True. I personally enjoyed the Hunger Games and don’t take any huge dislike of any films that she’s been in (not seen all of them, so I can’t comment on some). I thought she was great as a role model & ‘normal’ person until around the time she made the rape joke on a US chat show. I suddenly realised how put on and fake it all looks, just pandering to the hopeless online audience who can imagine a girl who ‘really understands them’. She falls over, she talks about eating pizza and doing *awkward* things, and everyone falls over themselves to go all white-knight about her.

  • Lola

    Finally someone said what a majority of people are too afraid to say! I hope the writer is prepared for the rabid JLaw fans that are going to tell him he doesn’t know what he’s talking about because they have a tumblr blog dedicated to her.

  • Sabrina

    Finally someone said it. Arne, you deserves a standing ovation for writing this article, and a longer one.