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Daily Archives: 27th March 2015

Noisy May Amy Flared Jeans, £35

Flare, there, everywhere

Kirsty Marsh on the trend that’s flaring up all over the fashion world

Graphene oxide flakes interacting with cell membranes. Photo: University of Manchester

Breaking the tumour-sphere: Graphene shows anti-cancer properties

Research by a team from the University of Manchester has shown that graphene can be used to target and neutralise cancer stem cells

Photo: Insert Magasine @Flickr

What are you Wii U-ating for?

James Thursfield argues why it is time for gamers to pick up a Wii U

Photo: Proton Cinema

Cornerhouse Pick of the Week: White God

Barney Weston tells us about the strengths and weaknesses of this Hungarian movie about dogs

Photo: Universal Pictures

Feature: The American Dreamer

Tom Bruce reviews the authenticity of various on-screen representations of journalist Hunter S. Thompson, comparing them with the books and with the man himself

Photo: Netflix

TV Binge: Orange is the New Black

Georgia Welch locks in for a TV marathon of the best female prison drama-comedy in the world, bar none

Photo: University of Manchester

From Freshers’ to fashion week

Kassi Allcock on how being a student has changed her style for the better

Photo: Press shot

Live: This Is The Kit

This Is The Kit’s gentle folk rock makes for an intimate, friendly peformance