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Club: Transmission Funk presents Truss, Clouds & J Tijn

Transmission Funk enlist a threesome of djs to fuck with your mind


20th March

Joshua Brooks


The best techno fucks with your head; tonight Transmission Funk enlist a threesome of djs well versed in this art.

J Tijn was the first to pummel the Joshua Brooks basement, unleashing a barrage of booming kicks and warping minds with tracks such as Run Dust’s ‘Scythe Toon’. The venue was a prime location with the Void system providing the perfect outlet for the cascading torrent of jarring sounds.

Next up, Glaswegian duo Clouds took the baton from Tijn and continued the surge of relentless beats. The chopped vocals and crashing percussion of Demdike Stare’s ‘Patchwork’ had the whole room moving, whilst the hammering intensity of Mumdance & Logos collaboration ‘Move Your Body’ was a set high point.

Final act Truss then stepped up to spin the set of the night. Opting for ‘Bottom Out’ by his brother Tessela early on set the tone for his selections that transformed the basement into a sweat pit of moving bodies throughout. Closing on ‘Ganja Madness (Backdraft remix)’ was an especially chaotic ending to the night with the breakbeats pounding as the lights came on.

This fine curation of three complementary djs by Transmission Funk ensured the night was high in energy from start to finish. If you’re looking for a techno fix in future, look no further.