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UKIP policy to “treat the weak humanely”

UKIP candidate for Manchester Withington, Mark Davies, has referred to disabled people as ‘weak’ and has said that women who ‘go away’ deserve to be paid less


UKIP Parliamentary Candidate for Manchester Withington, Mark Davies, has committed another alleged gaffe by referring to disabled people as ‘the weak’.

In response to a question regarding cuts to disabled people’s living allowances, Davies said: “[UKIP] believe that society should treat the weak humanely.”

After Davies repeatedly referred to disabled people as ‘the weak’, Jeff Smith, the Labour candidate for the same seat, pointed out to Davies that his remarks may have been offensive, and began his own answer: “I don’t believe that Davies meant to call disabled people weak.”

Davies attempted to deny that he called the disabled weak to which Smith replied: “No, that is exactly what you said.” In addition to this, Davies also argued that the gender pay gap is a matter of fact and that if people “are going to go away,” then they deserve to be paid less. Likening pregnancy to taking an extended holiday, Davies gave the example of losing contacts and thus being unable to provide customers with adequate service.

Davies was repeatedly interrupted during his reply to a question on gender inequality, as audience members took issue with his use of the phrase ‘going away’. An audience member shouted that he could say pregnancy and if he was referring to pregnancy then he should do so explicitly. Davies ignored these remarks and continued referring to ‘going away’ throughout his response.

Tuesday’s Manchester Withington Candidates debate, at which the statement was made, was part of the University of Manchester Students’ Union’s campaign to increase student voting levels. The hustings were chaired by current General Secretary Charlotte Cook and the event was organised by Campaigns & Citizenship Officer, Conor McGurran.

Former MP and Liberal Democrat candidate John Leech also came under fire from audience members for comments made in an email about rapes in his constituency, whilst Green Party candidate Lucy Bannister was unable to make the event due to prior commitments and was represented by a Green Party activist. The Conservative Party candidate Robert Manning was also in attendance.

  • Thomas Evans

    I’m disabled and don’t find his comments on the above offensive RE: Disabled.

    As for his comments about women. Yes the gender pay gap exists, it shouldn’t, but if people go away on maternity leave small and medium companies may struggle to pay the maternity leave and fund replacement cover.

    • ukipcampaigntrail

      Hi Thomas, how much do UKIP pay you to spam every news outlet with your pro UKIP drivel?

    • Dave British

      Thomas, it’s okay. You don’t have to defend every single vile candidate of your weird cult. Though it does appear that is what you spend all day, every day, doing. Enjoy UKIP’s projected one seat in May.

    • me

      Thomas is a well known vile UKIP troll who spends all day defending the indefensible on the orders of his glorious leader who is leading ukip to a remarkable beating

  • S42Wolf

    If the disabled are “The weak”, then surely UKIP are “the weak-minded”.

  • DC

    When you say audience member you mean Jess Lishak, Ellen McLaughlin and Andrea Campos-Vigouroux.

    Jess who was simply rude and obnoxious ruining the event for people in attendance. UKIP can run themselves into the ground without you acting like a childish fool who goes red in the face when angry. Get a life. The exec team is a joke, Charlie should have reigned you in, you cretin.

    As for the women pay issue is it really fair to inflate the pay of women? If a women comes back from maternity leave and can’t do a job as well as they could before but their pay had to be same as colleagues (women too) who didn’t leave they would find that unfair. What’s more women under 30 earn more than men for doing the same job. So i dunno what you’re complaining about.

    About your John Leech rapist accusations (or as close as). Don’t accuse a man of not helping his constituency when he does. He doesn’t cause rape. And his comment about loud students making it making it a boy that cried wolf situation was well a face, if you hear screams every night you don’t act.