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Monthly Archives: September 2015

The study focused on sheep and why their bodies behave differently throughout the year. Photo: Dave Wild @Flickr

Cause of animals’ internal body clocks discovered

Manchester and Edinburgh researchers identify specialist cells responsible for seasonal adaptations in mammals

One of the project's aims is to make chemical synthesis more eco-friendly. Photo: QIAGEN @Flickr

Manchester part of EU eco-friendly chemicals initiative

A team from the University of Manchester will work with other European institutions to improve biocatalysis methods


Review: Life

This James Dean biopic, Life, has a few too many fatal flaws to be passable

The Panic in Needle Park

Classic Review: The Panic in Needle Park

A young Al Pacino stars alongside Kitty Winn in this hard-hitting 70s portrayal of heroin addiction, The Panic in Needle Park

99 homes

HOME Pick of the Week: 99 Homes

99 Homes fails to deliver on the promise of its premise, and only remains digestible because of powerhouse performances from Garfield and Shannon

Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker – Review

Will Super Mario Maker help to shape the future of 2D Mario games, or have Nintendo readied a disaster? Josh Goldie tells all in his review

Good Bad Happy Sad

Album: Micachu & the Shapes – Good Bad Happy Sad

Quite in-keeping with the album’s title, Jacob Bernard-Banton has mixed feelings about Good Bad Happy Sad


Ought: Sun Coming Down

Rob Paterson review’s Sun Coming Down, the new album of band Ought

Floating Points

Club: Lost In Space opening party – Floating Points all night long

Floating Points hits the sweet spot with a rich wax arsenal at his disposal

Indian Raga

Fish out of water: Indian raga

Rob Paterson, out of his indie-rock waters and in to a tranquil pool of traditional Indian raga at Bridgewater Hall


Record reappraisal: Roxette – Joyride

Liz Gibson offers up her defence of a buried early 90’s pop gem, Joyride

Texting hotline Speedy Ortiz

The rock ‘n’ roll ‘n’ health ‘n’ safety hotline

Massachusetts punk band Speedy Ortiz’s texting hotline is a small but important step to making moshpits a safer place