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Manchester travel deals

Manchester’s travel network is great—but it can be expensive. Here’s some advice on keeping your travel costs down when you start your university journey


With all the penny-pinching in food shopping and pint finding when you start university, it’s often easy to forget that travelling can set you back a serious amount too. Even with Manchester’s Magic Buses trundling up and down Oxford Road at all hours of day and night at an amazing £1 a journey, travel costs can really build up. If you’ve travelled from a long way away to move to Mancheter, a trip back to visit your parents will cost a seriously steep amount. Also, when you and your housemates stumble out of a club at 4am and can’t quite retrace your steps back to the bus stop you got off at, flagging a black cab down off the street can turn a cheap night out into a pretty expensive one.

However, there are some solutions:

Stagecoach UniRider
Stagecoach UniRider
The UniRider is a thing that many students swear by when it comes to travel. A big layout of upward of £200 at the beginning of the year actually pays off if you’re catching a Magic Bus more than twice a day, five days a week—and that’s not even considering that you can get on any Stagecoach bus around the city, meaning your UniRider can take you to the airport, the Trafford Centre, or even trendy Chorlton for no money at all! Photo: fwc439h @Flickr
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