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Does your student house have ‘Britain’s ugliest carpet’?

Posh Flooring have announced a competition to find ‘Britain’s ugliest carpet’


As students move into their new accommodation, a competition has been announced, one that could be an easy win for students across Manchester.

Posh Flooring are looking for “Britain’s Ugliest Carpet” and are offering a prize of a £150 Red Letter Day voucher to the winner.

With student accommodation being notoriously outdated, students should have a high chance of making the list.

On their website, Posh Flooring announce that “even people who have made a changeover to tiled or laminate flooring in their kitchens, bathrooms and hallways still have garish carpets lurking around in studies and spare bedrooms. Everyone who lived through the 1970s has certainly made a few home improvements that they wish they could take back, and we want to find the worst offenders!”

You are almost certain to find a less-than-flattering carpet somewhere in the midst of student central, Fallowfield and Withington. There is bound to be some ugly flooring lurking somewhere in Manchester student accommodation.

According to Posh Flooring, “spiralling flowers, art deco designs and patchwork colours adorn our floors around the UK, but not everyone agrees they make a fine addition to the home.”

Posh Flooring are inviting everybody to submit “Britain’s Ugliest Carpet” and whether it’s your own pride and joy, or if you wish to name and shame a friend’s carpet, simply send in any entries that you think deserve a mention on the Britain’s Ugliest Carpet list. More information can be found here.

To enter, submit your picture and a short background explaining why you think that this carpet is particularly dreadful to @poshflooring.