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Live: Blossoms

Stockport outfit Blossoms get the Manchester la-la-lads jumping


24th October

The Ritz


Manchester fucking loves Blossoms. Nothing gets the Manchester la-la-lads jumping, chanting and hurling their pints across the crowd like a local band. Blossoms certainly appear secure in their position on stage, with lead singer Tom oozing with confidence and absorbing the crowd’s excitement. This confidence doesn’t come at the cost of modesty however, as the frontman calls for a round of appreciative applause for each individual bandmate between songs and often expressing his thanks to the fans for getting the band to where they are.

Blossoms have their presence on stage nailed down but it feels like they are yet to find their true musical direction. They have plenty of solid tracks under their belt like ‘Blow’ and the newly released ‘Charlemagne’, but there seemed to be a shift from light, jangly indie pop on tracks like ‘Blown Rose’ towards an edgier, psychedelic noir if a new track off of their upcoming debut album is anything to go by. Throw an acoustic song into the mix (featuring a surprise appearance of the guitarist’s dad on piano) and a new track taken straight from an 80s New Order single to their set and you have a collection of very good and original pop songs that comprise a great performance.

The Stockport group appear to be the antithesis to the current trend of Radio 1-endorsed, indie guitar-pop giants like Catfish and the Bottlemen. Bass and keyboard take the main role in their songs over guitars giving them a more musically layered and impressive advantage over the bands they’re competing with. Their live performances really shine when they’re changing up their musical style to pursue the dark, edgy psychedelic (by pop music standards, let’s be clear on that) route. They’ve also built up enough of a fan base that they’ll still have support even if they experiment with their music more, which seems to be what we can expect in the future from the band.