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Live: Hot Chip

Hot Chip got the crowd ‘Dancing in the Dark’


17th October

Albert Hall Manchester


Hot Chip’s masterful set at the Albert Hall proved their status as one of the best live bands at the moment. After emerging onto the stage, the band unleashed ‘Huarache Lights’, ‘One Life Stand’ and ‘Night and Day’ in quick succession. The roars of appreciation from the crowd set the tone for the night.

The career-spanning set never seemed to dip in energy, largely due to the strength of Hot Chip’s back catalogue, including classics ‘Over and Over’, ‘Ready For the Floor’, and ‘I Feel Better’. The five tracks they played from the recent sixth studio album Why Make Sense? fitted perfectly inbetween their past material, and demonstrated a real return to form for the band (whether they ever went out of form is another question). The haunting-yet-soulful house ballad of ‘Need You Now’ is the clear standout of the new material.

While a massive fan of the band, I’ll be the first to admit that Hot Chip can sometimes lack on record, which thankfully they more than make up for live. Hot Chip are masters of their craft; they have so many great songs that their sets are more about ordering songs to maximise the atmosphere and crowd’s energy than simply playing material.

What’s more, the band was also a joy to watch. Each individual member leaving their instruments simply to boogie around manically with a grin plastered over their face. It’s great to see a band have so much fun playing their own music.

Like their shows of the past festival season, the band finished with a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Dancing In the Dark’. Hot Chip’s rehash somehow manages to rival the original, and as the track dips into a segment of LCD Soundsystem’s ‘All My Friends’, the crowd’s reaction practically blew the roof off the Albert Hall. The only reason this gig misses a perfect 10, is that the setlist of the night was marginally worse than their West Holts Glastonbury show earlier this year. If you get a chance to see Hot Chip while they are on such top form, do so at any cost.