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Top 5: So-bad-they’re-good films

So-bad-they’re-good is a special type of genre of film that only a select few can claim to be a part of; this is when a film becomes so unintentionally bad that the audience can enjoy it as a comedy


5) Fool around with: The Cheeky Girls

Although not a feature film, all episodes can be found on YouTube and should be watched back-to-back. This is a classic example of early, unorganised and experimental Naughties reality TV. Mix that with the peculiarity of the Cheeky Girls and you’re in for good time.

4) Samaria Cop

At number 4, Samaria Cop offers a taste of slightly eccentric, very peculiar directing, which is exactly what is required for a so-bad-it’s-good film. The film can be slow at points, however, and for this reason it isn’t as high up as its contemporaries.

3) Troll 2

Made in 1990, this 25-year-old film still holds up. A hilarious script, terrible line delivery and overall nonsensical plot makes this film very watchable. Enjoy!

2) The Room

Tommy Wiseau, the writer, director and main character of The Room is rather unconventional. Completely funded by Wiseau, he spent $6 million to bring us 99 minutes of hilarity. The best moments come from the unusual script, with added humour from Wiseau’s acting, which is perfectly wooden and reserved to help The Room be a solid second place.

1) Birdemic: Shock and Terror

With a budget of $10,000 and a rating of 1.8/10 on IMDB, director James Nguyen has created somewhat of a master piece.  The worst CGI ever used, and an inability to pan a camera following a car are just a couple of things that will have you in stiches. Nothing I can say will prepare you for this film, you will just have to watch it, and trust me that Nguyen did not intend this film to be a comedy.