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Top 5: Fashion Apps

Grab your phone and open the app store, because Meg Roberts reveals all of the fashion apps that are a download must


1. Grabble

Move over Tinder and your promise of unadulterated sleaze. This season, I’m swiping right for the latest of-the-moment fashion and beauty hacks. Filter your daily finds by category whether it’s accessories, lingerie, or dresses, and swipe through an edit of their most desirable wardrobe essentials. Buy now, and enjoy free shipping on all orders, or save to your in-app ‘closet’ to be notified when they go on sale. Dreamy!


The holy grail of online fashion retailing, I’m far from original when I say that ASOS is my go-to destination for ultimate binge shopping. With unlimited next day delivery with a VIP membership and a free, super convenient returns system, it’d be rude not to…

3. Depop

I’ve been somewhat late in boarding the Depop bandwagon, but now I’m obsessed with this app! Think eBay’s indie little sister; edgier and altogether more fashion focused. For me, Depop has a decidedly Instagram feel to it, allowing you the option to follow profiles of stylish sellers. The whole thing feels way more personal than the mass eBay marketplace, because you can inbox sellers and negotiate price on a really iMessage-esque interface. I’d definitely recommend Depop—you can find some real bargains and vintage treasures there.

4. eBay

A cult shopping app that probably fuelled my obsession with buying on the web. I’ve bought everything here, from my first pair of trusty patent black Docs to Bloomingdales Little Brown Bags back in Year 7. However obscure, chances are you’ll find it on eBay.

5. Topshop

A running joke with anyone that knows me is asking if it’s from Topshop. I don’t think anyone actually believes that I shop anywhere else and personally, the Topshop app makes it far too easy. I’m probably a lot more familiar with their range than I should be, with daily updates of the latest product and behind-the-scenes footage of their London Fashion Week shows debuting forthcoming collections. Featuring a handy barcode scanner to locate products online means that that killer dress that wasn’t in your size in store never needs to be forgotten about.

Happy app-ing!