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Monthly Archives: December 2015

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Top 10 Songs of 2015

As the curtains close on a rambunctious year of music, our writers cast their votes on the 10 greatest songs of the past 12 months

Illustration by Joe Connell

Top 10 Albums of 2015

The best albums of the year, as voted by those who’ve written for us all semester. Complete with loving praise and custom illustrations

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Interview: Clutch

Clutch have been innovators part of the metal landscape for nearly 25 years, yet their enduring and intoxicating passion keeps them fresher than ever

Photo: LucasFilm Ltd.

Review: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The first entry to the Star Wars sequel trilogy bears the essential charm and fun that made the original movies so memorable while setting up the franchise for a new generation

Jamie Vardy. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Value of Lower League Football

Dan O’Toole explains how lower league football can serve as a production line for top talents

Photo: press @ Warehouse Project

Live: Warehouse Project – Leftfield

90’s electronica titans Leftfield took the easy way out with a greatest hits CD soundalike

Photo: Warehouse Project Press

Live: Warehouse Project – Feel My Bicep

Bicep fail to flex their muscles, Daniel Avery takes a disappointing ordinary turn, and Andrew Weatherall brings back Madchester, during a strange night of surprises

Photo: Relentless Energy

Live: Warehouse Project – Kaluki

Excellent collaborative musicianship, but a shame about some of the lights

Photo: @Flickr

The oncoming crash

Tristan Parsons on the dangerous ground on which an economic recovery is apparently being built, and the risk this poses in the event of another financial crash

Photo: Number 10 @Flickr

Was the Paris Climate Conference just hot air?

Luke Williams casts a critical eye over the Paris Climate Conference and the importance of its success

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Live: Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts

Jeffrey Lewis brought his tragic pathos and absurdist humour all the way from Manhattan to Manchester for a set of devastating rants, punk rackets and a brief history of 20th century Vietnam

One of the posts on the page before it was deleted. Photo: Screenshot

NUS Extra card Facebook hacked

The Facebook page for the NUS’s card offering discounts to students was taken over and began posting spam content