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Muslims across the world have stood in solidarity on Twitter with the hashtag #NotInMyName. Photo: The Mancunion


Guest contributor Dalal explains just how harmful ‘Islamic’ terrorism is for the Muslim community, and that the perpetrators of the Charlie Hebdo attacks do not, and cannot, represent Islam

"For me to write about something, I have to start with something that pisses me off, and use comedy to turn it into a positive emotion." Photo: Daliso Chaponda

Interview: Daliso Chaponda

Editor-in-chief Aidan Gregory talks to Malawian comedian Daliso Chaponda about racism, colonialism, and being politically correct

Photo: Paramount pictures

And relax…

Fleur Stevens lists her favourite ways to unwind in the midst of exam stress without having to check into a spa

The Mancunion refuses to be intimidated by the events in Paris.

We are Charlie Hebdo

The Mancunion’s statement on the shootings in Paris

Photo: Artwork

Album: Smashing Pumpkins – Monuments to an Elegy

The Smashing Pumpkins dial back their world-beating ambitions to deliver a solid modern rock album

Photo: Press shot

Live: Cast

Cast bring their UK tour to a close with a commanding, anthemic performance

Hordes of computer-generated orcs descend upon the forces of good. Photo: Warner Bros.

Review: The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies

Luke Sharma thinks the Battle of the Five Armies, while full of unnecessary CGI and redundant plot points, is as good an ending to the Hobbit trilogy as Peter Jackson could have produced