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Yearly Archives: 2015

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Sport in the City: The Chill Factore

There’s more to sport in Manchester than City and United: this week we highlight Chill Factore

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Sport in the City: Manchester Ice Skating Rink

There’s more to sport in Manchester than City and United: this week we highlight Manchester’s Ice Skating Rink

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Manchester discovery reveals how genetic interactions increase disease risk

Manchester and Cambridge scientists reveal new research on how the interaction of gaps in genes can influence the risk of arthritis, psoriasis and type 1 diabetes

The structure of an integrin. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Proteins discovered tell body cells how to move and feel

Scientists from the University of Manchester have discovered a group of proteins that enable body cells to move and feel


Two-thirds of female academics are unhappy with work-life balance

A report has shown that ‘workaholic’ working environments in academia are detrimental to the career paths of female academics

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Turkey’s new HE laws blow to academic freedom

Turkey’s government have proposed new laws that would restrict freedom of speech within their universities. Institutions who criticise the government will now find themselves at risk of closure

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We must not repeat our mistakes in Syria

IS are arguably a result of our previous interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan—the conflict in Syria shows how hard it is to cease such ideology

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Not giving a toss? Cricket’s pitch problems

The problems caused by cricket pitches have led to changes to a traditional element of the game

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Bierkeller Christmas Party

Our guru of the Corn Exchange Sarah Lambert heads to Bierkeller for the annual ale-fuelled Christmas party

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The Conservative Future scandal and career politicians

The Conservative Future scandal has rocked the Conservative Party and put the spotlight on those at the top of politics

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Held hostage by Trump

Win or lose, Donald Trump may be in line for more than people think once the race to the White House is finally over

Photo: 1847

1847: A Vegetable Supreme

Felix Sanders examines the future of vegetarian cuisine in Manchester after an exotic meal at 1847, with the restaurant serving some interesting adaptations