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Hard left Labour students accused of anti-Semitism

Following the resignation Oxford Labour students’ co-chair over claims of anti-semitism within the club, figures have shown the issue is due to hard left


After the resignation of Alex Chalmers—the co-chair of the Oxford University Labour Club (OULC)—over the decision to endorse Israeli Apartheid Week, Ed Miliband has decided to pull out of a talk with the club. Miliband said he was “deeply disturbed” by the allegations of anti-Semitism within the OULC.

Miliband was a former member of OULC and was due to talk on 4th March 2016, but has decided to postpone the event until investigations into the allegations have been carried out.

Mr Miliband’s office in a statement said: “It is right that the executive of the club has roundly condemned the comments and fully co-operates with the Labour Students’ investigation.

“Ed and the Labour Club have agreed that his talk should be postponed until the investigation is resolved.”

Universities minister, Jo Johnson tweeted that he was “concerned by reports of vile antisemitism on campus” and declared that Oxford University “needs to undertake urgent investigation.”

According to The Telegraph a senior source at OULC has alleged that the hard left group, Momentum, are partly to blame for the rise in anti-semitism at the university.

David Cesar Haymann, former co-chair of the Labour club, in a Facebook status said: “I arrived at OULC in 2013, when there was a welcoming atmosphere, with execs focused on hosting good speakers and campaigning to bring about a Labour government. Since 2015, and particularly after the election, there has been a concerted effort from the Oxford hard left to take over the club.

“Many of these people have little connection to the Labour Party or its values, and have brought with them the worst of Marxist tactics, approaching OULC with a ‘you’re either with us or against us’ attitude. The hard left has brought about a culture where vicious personal attacks are routine, and that has included revolting anti-Semitic incidents, such as the ones reported on by Jsoc.”

A source quoted by The Telegraph referenced hard left groups such as Momentum and said that “These people are associated with the hard left groups, they are Marxists and have taken over the club and promoted a vicious culture […] They advance a Marxist tradition, which is quite authoritarian and intolerant of any dissent.”

A spokesman for Momentum has responded to these allegations and said: “Momentum opposes racism, anti-Semitism, and all forms of oppression. Allegations that Momentum is involved in anti-Semitism at Oxford University or anywhere else are baseless and we have received no claims about any individuals or groups associated with Momentum.”

John Mann, Labour MP for Bassetlaw in Nottinghamshire, called for the party to sever ties with the club, stating that he has “written to the Labour party asking for an investigation as a matter of urgency. It is hugely embarrassing for the Labour party. This is something Jeremy Corbyn should personally look into.”

Oxford University are yet to comment on whether they have decided to investigate the claims themselves, but have said that all students are encouraged to report any harassment they suffer to university authorities.

Labour students have launched their own investigation with which OULC have said that they will fully co-operate with.

Over 30 former and current chairs and executive members of OULC and other supporters have signed a letter which condemns the decision by the club to endorse Israeli Apartheid Week. The letter says the week propagates a “one-sided narrative, seeking to dismantle the only majority-Jewish member state of the United Nations”.

The letter also states that, “we are troubled by OULC’s decision and feel compelled to speak out. In a climate of rising antisemitism, we have a duty to oppose initiatives that foster an intolerant political culture which intimidates Jewish students.”

  • Juan Rabinovits

    The “occupied territory of the West Bank” is not occupied. In 1948 israel was established as a national entity by the U.N. with Judea and Samaria as part of this sovereign state based on an international agreement signed by the government of Turkey and recorded in the Treaty of Lausanne which legalized the San Remo Accords. The government of Turkey as signatory to this binding treaty gave up all claim to its former territories and the Mandate for Palestine came into legal force. And thus ‘Jewish Palestine’ was established by the League of Nations on September 16th 1922 as Eretz-Israel when Israel was defined as the territory between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea by the Transjordan memorandum. This subsequent partition plan of 1947 was merely a proposal and totally rejected by the Arabs. It has no legal standing whatsoever. The San Remo agreement and the Treaty of Lausanne are Israel’s Magna Carta and are in full force to this day. No country may try to change the legitimate borders of another country by intimidation, coercion or force. BDS is absolutely illegal according to International law and for this reason it will be and is being struck down everywhere. BDS is finished.

    • balooinblue

      “No country may try to change the legitimate borders of another country by intimidation, coercion or force.”
      I totally agree with this statement, which is why the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and siege on Gaza is illegal. What would you call the forcing of Palestinians off their land in 1948? It was also never the UN’s land to give away, even though the colonial countries loved to act like they could lay claim to others’ land.

      You refer to international law, yet Israel has violated 45 UN resolutions. It continues to kill thousands of innocent people, imprison Palestinians without charge, including children, fill camps with tear gas on more than a weekly basis, shoot protesters, divert water from Palestinian land… the list goes on.

      As for BDS, it is certainly not finished and is growing in strength. Israel and Zionist organisations around the world are trying to restrain it because it is working. People are increasingly waking up to the fact that Britain, the US and others turn a blind eye to the Israeli occupation and the regular war crimes it commits because they benefit economically from Israel and its arms trade. The EU’s recent support of boycotting products made in the occupied West Bank under the name of Israel also shows its legality.

      Claims of anti-Semitism are getting old. The opposition of many Jews and non-Jews alike to the Israeli regime is anti-Zionist, not anti-Semitic. The hard right Orthodox Jews who live in Israel are even opposed to the creation of Israel as a ‘Jewish state’.

      I suggest that you start looking at the situation in 2016 instead of Zionist maps from 1922. You might want to start with the following that clearly demonstrates how Palestinians live under occupation, trapped in by walls and checkpoints.

      • Juan Rabinovits

        Following the end of WW1 the Ottoman Empire was dismantled and broken up. The government of Turkey gave up all claims to the territories beyond its borders. The Mandate of Palestine was created as a homeland for the Jewish people. After Transjordan was removed from Palestine what remained was the territory between the river and the sea. This is the only legal basis for the borders of Israel. The Partition plan was only a recommendation. UN resolutions are not binding they are also reccomendations or opinions. The United Nations is controlled by totalitarian states most of which are Islamic.
        So Balooinblue as you suggest, let’s look at the situation in 2016. Syria is in the middle of a serious civil war which is part of the Larger Sunni Shia War. 250,000 lives have been lost in Syria in the past 5 years. Mostly Muslims killed at the hands of other Muslims. This war is spreading to Europe. Today here in Moscow a burka clad woman paraded the head of a five year old girl around the streets threatening to blow herself up. A Russian policeman arrested her and she is charged with the murder of the child. That woman was her nanny. All over Israel Israelis have been attacked with knives and cars for months. This is not because of Palestinian frustration at being deprived of human rights but results from this wider conflict which involves ISIS, Al Nusra, Hezbollah, and Iran. This is competing Jihad. It is a mental disorder and alien to civilization. Russia will crush this and Israel will act in self defense to protect her citizens. Europe has been invaded by a million Muslims. BDS has been defeated in the US and Canada, in France and England. You should get out of Trollhättan and read the news once in a while Joey.

  • truthseeker

    To identify the truly sick racists google: chief rabbi of Israel says only purpose of goyim is to serve jews, life of goyim worth same as donkey. Obadiah Yosef.

    Netanyahu says this loser was the greatest mind of this

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