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Malia Bouattia wins NUS Presidency

Current NUS Black Students’ Officer Malia Bouattia has been elected President of the National Union of Students at their National Conference. Bouattia beat incumbent President…


Current NUS Black Students’ Officer Malia Bouattia has been elected President of the National Union of Students at their National Conference.

Bouattia beat incumbent President Megan Dunn who has served as NUS President for one year. Despite a number of Union Presidents including Hertfordshire SU’s, Bath SU’s and Keele SU’s supporting Dunn, Bouattia beat Dunn by 371 votes to 328.

Malia will become the first-ever black woman President of the NUS since its creation in 1922.

Dunn promised in her manifesto to create a fund to defend Unions from government cuts and took an official pro-EU position for the NUS. Bouattia promised to bring minority groups to “the heart of everything we [NUS] do.”

At the University of Manchester Students’ Union’s NUS primaries, Bouattia was picked as the delegates’ mandated choice for President. The other candidates picked were Sorana Vieru (re-running for VP Higher Education), Shelly Asquith (re-running for VP Welfare), Sahaya James (running for VP Union Development), and Samayya Afzal (running for VP Society & Citizenship).

Bouattia has been at the heart of discussion recently over past comments she has made about Jewish Societies and Zionism. These concerns led to the Oxford University Students’ Union deciding not to vote for her in the Presidential elections, though this loss of support was not enough to lose her the election.

  • L

    Malia is a very slippery person who uses a lot of doublespeak, but these allegations against her are actually quite unfair. Jewish society at Oxford: ‘We will viciously criticize and attack you as much as we want because and then use our ‘Press to Win’ button – calling you anti-Semitic and alleging you’re actions are breeding anti-Semitism – as soon as we don’t agree. kthnxbye’

    • Bruce Gold

      Your first sentence totally negates your second sentence. I’m surprised you didn’t notice it. When she claims that “Zionists own the media”, she’s using the doublespeak you mention, and it is right for her to be called out for it.

      • L

        Well actually the doublespeak I was referring to is her ability to make simple concepts very difficult to understand by using long words with lots of unnecessary clauses in her sentences, probably to seem smart. So to the beef, bear in mind when reading this – I am Jewish. So in relation to the Zionist statement. Jews do control the media; and it not anti-Semitic to say that is the case. Nor is it anti-Semitic to say it is a bad thing, it enables the media to be manipulated. These are not Jewish specific thing – any small group with such a large amount of power would present a problem to free speech and democracy and equity. ‘You’ and your friends (I’ll use you as I presume you have some involvement) are preventing any productive conversation being had because you are protecting your own interests – I get that. But it has now become impossible to comment on anything without ‘offending’ someone or ‘discriminating’ against someone, you can’t even mention the word ‘Jew’ or ‘Zionism’ (or indeed many others) without someone sharply inhaling breath, even if what follows it is complimentary. The repercussions of that, which I must say would be totally unfair to say has been caused by ‘you’, will eventually come back around though; and by perpetuating it you’ll find yourself on the receiving end of un-criticisable bad ideas being thrust on you and you’ll have to accept it or face the consequences. I do not know what is in the heart of this woman, but as an impartial observer I cannot find anything anti-Semitic in her statements in that article or anything beyond a different analysis of the world. But it’s just crazy how the first thing that happens is she gets pounced on with absurd rhetoric. It’s a very underhand tactic (I am sure you know how easy it is to win an argument when you start calling people -isms) and it frankly makes nobody look good.

        • Bruce Gold

          Wow, are you a parody! YOUR comment IS “a LOT [a WHOLE LOT] of double-speak” by a “VERY slippery person”, who is engaging in anti-Semitism, while using the cover, whether true or not, of being Jewish. Look here, asshole: I don’t give two shits how eloquently you couch your bigotry, or what fancy words your pretty little fingers type. You’re an anti-Semite. Either you’re a lying anti-Semite, who is not Jewish, or you’re the Jewish version of the House Negro, selling his people out to curry favor with the anti-Semites on campus, because they’re your last shot at gaining friends and being invited to parties. Honestly, I don’t care. Bye Jew-hater!

          • L

            ‘Bruce Gold’ is my new synonym for ‘cognitive dissonance’.

            • Bruce Gold

              Bruce Gold is As Good As Gold, while you’re caught in a Catch 22 of self-hatred. If you have a problem with that, you can talk to Washington Irving, or Irving Washington.

            • L

              You’re a portrait of an old man as an artist – it’s closing time, Bruce Gold.

  • Bruce Gold

    Every thinking person knows that when someone claims that, of all things, the “world’s media” is run by “Zionists”, in a conversation about “war” and “colonialism”, they are ugly, hate-filled, anti-Semitic, Jew haters. Worse, they are weak, ambitious little cowards. They’re too scared to say the media is run by Jews, because they know it will stop their efforts to win elections and gain jobs, so they hide behind the word “Zionists” when they bash Jews. It would have been one thing if she had said “Zionists control the hummus industry” or “Zionists have a monopoly on cancer research”, but when you start talking about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion claim that Jews own the world’s media and use it to brainwash us into allowing war for colonialism, and merely replace the world “Jew” with the word “Zionist”, sooner or later, you’re going to be exposed as a bigot!