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Daily Archives: 19th September 2016

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God of War Retro Review

God of War first released onto the PlayStation 2 in March 2005. A lot has happened since then…


Pangaea: take a trip to Wonderland

Struggling for Pangaea make up inspiration? Talia Lee-Skudder reveals her beauty top tips for spending a night in Wonderland

The Scottish government has questioned this expensive loophole. Photo: southpaw2305 @ Flickr

Fear rising for UK Universities post-Brexit

UK universities plummet in global rankings post-Brexit while concerns are raised for community cohesion

Shawarma Photo: Wikimedia Commons

September has come, long live the Shawarma.

September has come and along with it, Joe Taylor’s need for the curry mile’s finest wrap

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Be smart and be safe this Freshers’ Week

With Freshers’ Week looming, make sure you know how to keep you and your friends safe on the streets of Manchester

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An Alternative Freshers’ Week

Bored of the constant hangovers in Freshers’ Week? Aiswarya Kishor explores alternative things to do in Manchester this September

Photo:The Volunteering and Community Engagement Team

Volunteering Opportunities at the Students’ Union

There are a wealth of volunteering opportunities at the University of Manchester—what will you get involved with?

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Does anyone need the PS4 Pro?

At an event held in New York on the 7th September, Sony unveiled two new versions of the PlayStation 4

The exec team Left to right: Tamara, Emma, Saffa, Jenni, Ilyas, Naa, Izzy, Sorcha. Photo: University of Manchester Students' Union.

Meet the Exec

Have a look at the line up for this year’s Students’ Union Exec Team, the representatives of the student body at the university

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Meet the new film editors

The new film editors welcome you to their section and encourage everyone to get involved

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Freshers warned of phone theft by cyclists

With thousands of students arriving back in the city and evenings drawing in, a particular type of street crime is on the rise again

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Controversy over May’s grammar school proposals

Theresa May’s proposal to reinstate Grammar schools has caused wide-spread controversy