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Margaret Thatcher decapitated at Welcome Fair

Thatcher was beheaded by revolutionary socialists at today’s Welcome Fair


Tensions rose on the 21st of September at Manchester’s Welcome Fair as the Conservative society’s stall decoration was stolen and beheaded.

Manchester Conservative Future had erected a cardboard cut-out of Baroness Margaret Thatcher on top of their stall in Academy 1, which had proved quite popular, with many students reportedly taking selfies with the controversial former Leader of the Conservative Party and first female Prime Minister.

However, halfway through the day, self-described “revolutionary socialists” Lauren McCourt and Freya Blake approached the stall and were seen grabbing the cut-out.

In a statement Blake said, “we actually thought it was quite disgusting that it should be allowed in an educational institution. For everyone I know and am affiliated with, she is a symbol for austerity. It’s outrageous that they should be allowed to parade her around when she ruined this country for poor people.”

Photo: The Mancunion

Photo: The Mancunion

Lauren McCourt and Freya Blake Photo: Lauren McCourt

Lauren McCourt and Freya Blake. Photo: Lauren McCourt

They continued saying, “it’s awful that these quite obviously privately educated people should be allowed to stand there next to her and try and indoctrinate people with their ideology. As revolutionary socialists we are fighting for the rights of the world’s most marginalised and disenfranchised.

“We thought it was an ethical choice. We grabbed her and ran. This Tory grabbed me really hard and screamed in my face, ‘what the fuck are you doing’. I turned around and screamed, ‘get the fuck off me you Tory scum’. Then Lauren ripped off the head of Thatcher, we stamped on it and ran”.

Luke Dyks, Chair of Manchester Conservative Future said: “As a society we try not to take ourselves too seriously and have a good time. We bought the cut-out to use as a bit of self parody, to allow any Conservative supporters or opponents and opportunity to have a laugh at our expense. And over the first day and a half it had had the desired effect. We had received no hostility other than a few sneers and funny looks. Even the Manchester Marxists on the table next to us had seen the funny side and posed for photos.”

The Manchester Marxists society were situated next to the Conservative Party, and when approached wanted to emphasise that the two girls are unaffiliated with the society. When asked for comment they said: “Manchester Marxists do not condone the beheading of political opponents, cardboard or otherwise. Having said that the anger of workers and students against one of the most anti worker figures in living memory is very understandable.”

Dyks continued: “As a group we are really dismayed that people would damage our property like this, not just for its monetary value but [we believe] that we have a right to free speech around campus. There was no need for this theft; everyone has a right to hold a set of beliefs, no matter how much you disagree with them.”

The Thatcher cut-out was left at Manchester Conservative Future society’s stall headless and torn. The head is yet to be returned.

  • adam

    Was this reported to the police? Pretty sure this is a crime – theft and vandalism.

  • Love, not what this people do

    I have one word really for both Lauren and Freya from someone who went past the stall. What you are doing is >shameful<. It is not an ethical choice to steal someone's property, destroy it then pretend you are for the working class and for campus freedom and freedom of thought. Both of your actions in it's very essence are against it and I am personally ashamed that both of you, acting on behalf of socialists shamefully, as a minority, in the thousands of freshers that went past the stall respectfully, had to resort to childish intolerant and immature actions like this.

    • Robert Price

      When Michael Gove as Secretary of State for Education actually handed property owned by this state over to private profit making corporations, I doubt you complained.
      When the Tories stole moneys, in what was called the expenses scandal, I doubt you complained.
      When Thatcher’s son ripped this nation off as part of a deal with Saudis in the 1980s so bad they wont release the details to this day, I doubt you complained.

      As for the word Socialist, it has a definite meaning. The means of manufacture and distribution being int he control and ownership of those doing the work. You either don’t know what the word means, or you dislike the self employed?

      You’re not the brightest person are you? Did you maybe have quite a comfy life, either born of privilege you don’t even realise, or perhaps raised during the 50s and 60s when under a state socialist system (with nationalised utilities and industry) there was more social mobility and better opportunity.?

      • Why

        so they asked for it? destruction of property is okay as long as there is a reason. we should let people from colonies of the UK and Afghanistan also destroy property because hey, it is justified social justice because of their history.

        I can’t believe someone like you is allowing this

        • Allie Cat

          Depends what you mean by “destroy property”

  • Individual right to freedom

    I hope the pair are questioned by the university before this becomes a police matter. Criminal damage of someone’s private property should never be permitted. This act is not only criminal but shows the ignorance to others beliefs and individual freedoms.

    • student

      I just up Lauren McCourt on facebook – he doesn’t even go University of Manchester. She went man met and studied one of the most capitalist degrees there is – Accounting and Finance. Look her people!

  • chatnoir50

    Really a hate crime … irrational and quite expected from all socialists in the current red-guard era of Corbin’s new order.

  • Allie Cat

    That’s awesome <3 I wish I'd been there ^_^

    • LaughingAtTheLefties

      Ever paused to think that your life might be a little dull?

  • Shai Hulud

    I’m reading the comments, lots of offense taken over these brave women’s actions. These right-wing snowflakes get all bent out of shape over the slightest thing. It’s a bit of card!! you people treat it like an idol. Very disturbing cult of personality that’s grown up around thatcher. You people ought to be on a watch list

    • How about no

      Nice trolling. Last time I heard it wasn’t the right banning Milo, Julie Bindal, creating safe spaces, shutting down debates around abortion and anything that goes against them. Grow up.

      • Shai Hulud

        um, think its you that tried to shut me down actually. “grow up”? you often use that in debates do you? poor show little man

        • How about double no honey

          You going to start playing victim now? I thought you weren’t a snowflake and only right wing people are. Or has your narrative changed to suit your agenda?

          • Shai Hulud

            you’re ever so upset about a cardboard demagogue are u going to be ok little man?

            • Babe

              No, not really. You’ve triggered me.

            • Shai Hulud

              I do not think this word means what you think it means

    • linked1

      It’s really ridiculous isn’t it, how sensitive right-wingers are and how quickly they take offense. Yet they are also the ones who cry foul at political correctness and censorship. I think what it boils down to is they’re just really stupid people who wouldn’t recognize a double standard if they drove over it with their SUV.

    • El Tarik

      The ONLY ‘brave woman’ was Margaret Thatcher who saved the UK from being ruined by socialism. Those stupid kids are too young to remember the three day week, the piles of rubbish on the streets, the strikes, inflation, the debt to the IMF and the uncertain future for Britain. She saved the country from that.

      • linked1

        Are you paid to write this bullshit or are you seriously that stupid?

        • LaughingAtTheLefties

          What part of El Tarik’s comments do you consider to be ‘bullshit’ then? Seems like an accurate summary to me. Lefties might take issue with the way Thatcher achieved what she did, hate the fact that she triumphed or claim ‘collateral damage’ from her policies. However the circumstances of the Three Day Week, Winter of Discontent, ‘Sick Man of Europe’ are pretty much undisputed and it was indisputably Thatcher that addressed that.

          You’ve called ‘bullshit’. Justify that or leave us in no doubt that it’s you who is the bullshitter here.

          • linked1

            Your name says all I need to know. Stuff it up your arse.

            • LaughingAtTheLefties

              Devastating comeback there I see.

            • linked1

              You’re not worth more effort.

            • LaughingAtTheLefties

              This isn’t all about you and me darling. It’s about the facts, truth and coherent argument.

              Go on, see if you can compose a coherent explanation of why El Tarik’s comments are BS. Imagine yourself to be a fortunate, middle class student at a Russell Group university and see if you can rise to the challenge.

            • linked1

              Fuck off troll.

    • LaughingAtTheLefties

      ‘Brave’. It’s brave to rip up a cardboard cutout now is it?

      It takes a special kind of SWSS stupidity to take the bait that the Tory students had so obviously laid.

  • Nathan Pettefar

    That’s actually brilliant! So good. Bravo, bravo!

  • Pobol Pobotrol

    Haha! Brilliant work!

  • Michael Lane

    It is vandalism pure and simple. Violence or destruction of property in a childish attempt to deny free speech is not acceptable anywhere within the UK. I would report these individuals to the Police.

    • hunters_tryst

      having a cardboard cut out is not speech you muppet

  • Jobe Bruzas

    Despite what anyone says, it’s criminal damage. I hope the police get involved.

    • Dig up thatchers corpse

      Bet you’re a right laugh! It’s a cardboard cut out for god sake. Police have a lot more important stuff to deal with rather than pamper to gobshites like you.

  • hunters_tryst


  • Hugh Franklin

    Wow, you might think you’re some kind of Marxist freedom fighter, but you just appear completely bigoted. People are allowed to have contrasting opinions to yours, not matter how strongly you disagree with them. I know, that’s a radical view! It does not justify theft and vandalism. Grow up.

  • lol101

    they should have cut the heads off the tory fudnuggets maning the stall too.

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