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Universities attempting to ensure student safety

Cardiff University have launched a scheme to keep students safe at night during Freshers


This week at Cardiff University volunteers have been walking students home after nights out in order to ensure student safety.

The Student Safety Walk Scheme sees volunteers based around the Students’ Union provide security to potentially vulnerable students walking home at night.

The scheme is newly developed after a number of reported sex attacks in Cardiff during September last year. There were reports of taxi drivers turning down short fares back to student residential areas, forcing students to walk home alone.

It is part of a wider project involving both Cardiff University and local police forces in protecting students, with further bus and taxi schemes providing support in escorting students home.

It has been well documented that students coming home in Fallowfield in particular have been victim to sex attacks and muggings. In November last year students from the University of Manchester launched a petition calling for a greater police presence in Fallowfield for student protection.

The University of Manchester Students’ Union launched a Student Shuttle Bus in response to the petition. This service leaves from outside the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons and will drop students right to their front door for a fare of £2-4, which can be paid the next day if you leave your student card with the driver. For more advice on how to stay safe during a night out in Manchester please see our website.