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Daily Archives: 28th September 2016

Photo: Charlie Spargo

Naked man on Stagecoach bus promotes new app

A man, dressed only in a towel, was used today on Stagecoach buses to promote their new app

Photo: Google street view

Cyclist hit by vehicle outside Fallowfield Sainsbury’s

A cyclist was reportedly hit by a car outside Sainsbury’s in Fallowfield

Photo: Cabellmon@Flickr

A response to “The Burkini: What’s behind it?”

The debate over the burkini tells us a lot about the treatment of women in the continuing tensions between the ‘West’ and Islam

Photo: James Tworow @Flickr

Upcoming events: Manchester’s literary goldmine

Roma Havers lists literary events in and around Manchester showcasing the variety and abundance of literary happenings in this wonderful city

Photo: Lacey Munroe

Ways to Eat – the Freshers’ guide to nutrition

Struggling with eating healthy and getting enough nutrition in your diet? Lacey Munroe discusses the pros and cons of various diets in her new eBook, Ways to Eat

Photo: The Lowry

All Genius, All Idiot

All Genius, All Idiot is a delightful circus performance laced with tongue-in-cheek antics, yet does not shy away from edgier material

Photo: Pogba at Juventus @WikimediaCommons

The Paul Pogba Case

Paul Pogba grabbed all the headlines in the summer with his big money move to Manchester United—but has he lived up to expectation?

Photo: Cabellmon@Flickr

The burkini: what’s behind it ?

Lioui Benhamou addresses the deeper connotations of the debate surrounding France’s banning of the controversial ‘burkini’

Photo: timechaser @flickr

Books on new beginnings

Elizabeth Gibson recommends books to inspire and comfort, whether you are a newcomer to Manchester or a returning student

Tony Blair. Photo: Center for American Progress@Flickr

It’s time to stop pretending Blairism was a bad thing

With the Labour leadership contest nearing to an end, Frank Hillman addresses the often forgotten positives of Blair’s New Labour

Photo: Rent Strike Weekend

Preparations underway for nationwide student rent strikes

Students and organisations from around the UK joined forces to begin attempts to combat problems with high student rent costs

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

United Player Ratings: Watford vs Manchester United

Things went from bad to worse for United over the weekend, but who were the heroes and villains for Manchester United?