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Upcoming events: Manchester’s literary goldmine

Roma Havers lists literary events in and around Manchester showcasing the variety and abundance of literary happenings in this wonderful city


Maybe this is your first time in Manchester and you are looking for a way to explore its literary subculture, or maybe you want to take advantage of some great events you have previously missed. This list of events in and around Manchester showcases the variety and abundance of literary happenings in this wonderful city.

There are an increasing number of popular Spoken Word nights in Manchester, an extended list can be seen on the Creative Writing Society 2015 Facebook page; these nights offer opportunities for a free night of entertainment, from up and coming successful writers to local regulars. These also offer opportunities to perform, usually with sign-ups taking place in the weeks before. These nights are a fantastic way to find your way around the city and leave the Oxford Road Corridor.

Bad Language

Voted the Best Spoken Word Night in the Saboteur Awards, this night takes place the last Wednesday of every month.  The night takes place at The Castle Hotel in the Northern Quarter and showcases some of the best performers and performances in poetry and short stories from the city. They are also dedicated to showcasing several first-time performers every event. On the 8th of October there is also an extra event for the Manchester Literature Festival at The International Anthony Burgess Foundation—tickets available through Manchester Literature Festival website.


Another very popular Spoken Word night taking place in Fallowfield’s very own Fallow Café on the fourth Monday of every month. The Creative Writing Society will be attends as a group, which is a great opportunity to meet fellow writers in an inspiring, friendly environment.

All details for Spoken Word nights can be found on Facebook.

Manchester Literature Festival

A collection of events celebrating literary achievement, taking place throughout October. These events take place in several venues throughout Manchester, including the Central Library and The University of Manchester’s Martin Harris Centre. All tickets are online but sell out quickly particularly for high profile writers, so get booking! Highlights include Margaret Atwood, Zadie Smith, and Eimear McBride; as well as literary tours and local groups such as Young Identity.

Lemn Sissay

The University of Manchester’s Chancellor is the incredibly successful poet Lemn Sissay. Sissay will be headlining the Black and Asian Writers Conference on the 8th October at Contact Theatre—located within the university’s main campus—including reading from his new collection Gold From the Stone.

These events highlight the impressive influence literature and literary performance has on The University of Manchester and the city itself; to miss out on these events would be to miss a significant part of this wonderful city’s cultural power.