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Daily Archives: 2nd October 2016

Marcantonio Raimondi - The Massacre of the Innocents. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Marcantonio Raimondi and Raphael at the Whitworth

Brand new to the Whitworth Art Gallery this week is the exciting Marcantonio Raimondi and Raphael exhibit.

Photo: Refuge

The Refuge by Volta at the Palace Hotel

“The Glamour of Manchester”, “Do you wanna suit up?”, “Yes”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Five things to do for free in Manchester

The poor student’s guide to Manchester’s hidden gems

Photo: AJC1 @Flickr

To prescribe or not to prescribe? The dangers of antibiotic resistance

New research reveals that the misuse of antibiotics have caused a serious impact on global health

Photo: Album Artwork

Album: How To Dress Well – Care

How To Dress Well’s new album is a mundane departure from the project’s alluring roots, writes Rosie Francesca Gill


Destiny: Rise of Iron – Review

Robert Parris offers his thoughts on Destiny’s newest expansion

Photo: Melissa Cuppett @Flickr

Reading Challenge 2016/2017

Aiswarya Kishor suggests a challenge for you this year: read more widely, and in areas you hadn’t thought to explore

Photo: Jasn @ Flickr

Can Labour sell ‘21st Century Socialism’?

As Jeremy Corbyn remains triumphant as Labour leader, Barney Weston ponders why socialism is such a dirty word

Photo: cityofstpete @Flickr

Studying abroad in America

After studying abroad in the United States for the year, Miranda Bunnis learned how to share a room, tailgate, and all about the bizarre American rules

Photo: geralt@Pixabay

Does mental health matter to universities?

Mental health is a subject which is receiving much more attention than before. But are universities taking it as seriously as the rest of us?

Photo: Miramax

Review: Bridget Jones’s Baby

Bridget Jones’s Baby makes for fun viewing but just falls short of the high standards set by the previous Bridget Jones films

Photo: Shochiku

Top 5: Film Trilogies

Dom Bennett outlines his top five picks for the all-time best film trilogies