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Manchester lose Varsity: as it happened

FT: UoM 5 MMU 10


Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20169:33 PM

We’ve resolved our technological issues but unfortunately UoM didn’t manage to resolve their rugby issues. Losing for the first time in living memory to MMU. We’re sheltering in reception now as scenes probably similar to the fall of rome are occurring outside

Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20169:16 PM

UoM have a lineout 5 metres out from MMU’s line

Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20169:12 PM

UoM give another penalty away on the attack

Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20169:10 PM

UoM throw a few chances away in MMU’s half, the crowd are having one last ditch surge to boost the chances, but it looks in vain at the moment

Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20169:04 PM

More streakers though, so that at least gives some variety so G4S’s work on crowd control tonight

Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20169:02 PM

UoM will need an inspired attack to win this one now

Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20169:02 PM

And if things weren’t bad enough, Manchester’s number 8 has been sin binned

Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20169:01 PM

The internet’s back but that’s all then good news I’m afraid. UoM are still 5 points behind

Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20168:52 PM

So this is what MMU have spent the last 3 years doing?

Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20168:50 PM

Conversion missed

UoM 5
MMU 10
Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20168:50 PM

Also the first – and pretty poor – attempt at streaking has occured. More to follow

Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20168:49 PM

MMU score a try out wide to go ahead

Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20168:48 PM

It’s still 5-5 and MMU have a scrum perilously close to UoM’s line

Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20168:35 PM

MMU’s fly half misses another simple penalty kick to keep the scores at 5-5

Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20168:34 PM

MMU have a lineout within metres of UoM’s line

Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20168:32 PM

Everyone’s back on the field about to resume with all still to play for

UoM 5
Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20168:25 PM

The wifi’s working again! And in other developments, the teams have just gone in for half time with the scores still 5-5

Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20168:06 PM

MMU almost score, knocking on at the UoM 22 metre line. It’s still far too close for comfort. Still 5-5

Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20167:59 PM

MMU miss a simple penalty, keeping the scores at 5-5

Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20167:57 PM

Conversion missed

UoM 5
Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20167:56 PM

TRY! Manchester equalise spectacularly, making it 5 apiece. A move taken so well by the UoM crowd that I’ve had to relocate to the RFU’s seats to avoid my laptop being decimated by beer

Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20167:53 PM

UoM react positively, and have a scrum close to the MMU try line

Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20167:52 PM

TRY! And it’s not from who you think. MMU go 5 points ahead with a score in the corner. it;s worth saying that UoM wer ebehind for the whole of Varsity 2015 until the final few minutes, so it’s very much early days.

Conversion missed
UoM 0
Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20167:50 PM

A promising move by UoM ends with a forward pass, and MMU have a scrum near the UoM 22

Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20167:48 PM

A poor kick from MMU – aiming for touch but sailing over the end of the pitch – results in a scrum with UoM put in on the halfway line

Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20167:45 PM


Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20167:43 PM

So here we go! The men’s teams are coming onto the pitch now. We haven’t the time to put up the MMU team (trust us we genuinely haven’t!) but here’s the full Manchester University XV starting tonight:

1. J. Rimmer
2. J. Mowatt
3. A. Saleh
4. H. Thain
5. W. Chapman
6. J. Johansson
7. W. Harrison
8. P. Marmion
9. C. Calvert
10. C. Reed
11. A. Nylander
12. G. Bradley
13. A. Dudman-Jones
14. J. Hunt
15. J Edwards
Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20167:34 PM

The venue aren’t taking any chances tonight. Contrary to most rugby tradition, strict segregation of fans is being enforced – and with this fixture’s history, no surprise there. Hopefully, there will be no serious incidents and they can complete the game

Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20167:20 PM

The men’s match kicks off at 19:45, meanwhile the non-playing members of the team are having the enviable task of sorting out which seats in the stadium to get plastered in during the game. With the women’s game being total one-way traffic, any form of excitement or controversy is being duly noted by the Mancunion sports team

Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20167:02 PM


UoM complete a stunning victory, with a positive points difference of 60 points. Almost as soon as the game is over, the MMU men’s team come out to warm up – as if to steal the limelight from the UoM women, who are celebrating another varsity win at the other end
Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20166:57 PM

UoM have to allow MMU to score at some point so they can have a go on the PA system. It’s only fair.

Conversion missed
UoM 72
MMU 12
Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20166:53 PM

A brilliant solo effort from number 15 to run a try in from her own 22 metre line! Conversion scored. It’s now UoM 72 MMU 7!

Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20166:49 PM

Conversion scored

UoM 65
Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20166:48 PM

Manchester’s number 19 indulges in a bit of acrobatics as she crosses the try line. This is ridiculous

Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20166:44 PM


UoM 58
Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20166:43 PM

TRY! Here we go again! Another Manchester try makes the difference even larger. MMU fans cheer as the conversion is missed, as if only being 51 points to 7 down will be worthy of the trophy cabinet when they get home.

Also, in the time I’ve been writing this – frankly biased – update, UoM have scored again!
Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20166:41 PM

Well if it weren’t a foregone conclusion already Manchester score another try and conversion, putting the points tally at 46 points to 7

Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20166:36 PM

Conversion missed

UoM 39
Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20166:35 PM

This is starting to look embarrassing. Manchester cross the try line AGAIN to put them up 39 points to 7

Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20166:30 PM

Finally! After an agonising – and quite frankly pitiful – number of phases, MMU finally manage to stumble over the try line. The conversion makes it a full 7 points for MMU.

UoM 34
Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20166:27 PM

CONVERSION! Manchester successfully convert to go 34 points ahead

Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20166:26 PM

TRY! UoM’s number 12 crosses the whitewash to put Manchester 32 points ahead

Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20166:19 PM

Second half resumes

UoM 27
Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20166:17 PM

As the teams leave the pitch for half time, it goes without saying that Manchester are by far the happier team. MMU failed to capitalise on overlaps and their opposition’s missed conversions and justifiably go into the second half behind.

It will take a mammoth catastrophe for UoM to lose it from here
Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20166:13 PM


UoM 27
Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20166:07 PM

Conversion missed. A tough kick from the edge of the touchline eludes the Manchester fly-half

UoM 27
Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20166:05 PM

TRY! Another good phase of play by the UoM backs is rewarded with another try

UoM 27
Alex Whitcomb 7th October 20166:01 PM

Evening everyone! Welcome to the Manchester Varsity matches between Manchester University and Manchester Metropolitan University. This is the first time both Universities have played each other in three years, and as such, the games have been moved from the rickety charm of Heywood Road in Sale to the AJ Bell Stadium – home to the Prermiership’s Sale Sharks. It’s a chilly, but currently dry, Friday evening here in Salford, but as long as the council’s free wifi stays true to form, we’ll be bringing you all the action from as the evening progresses.

The women’s matches have already started, and to say that it’s a walkover is putting it mildly. UoM have scored two tries since I started writing this update!
The scores on the doors are:
Manchester 22