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Next stop: Soap and Glory

Fashion and Beauty Editor Sarah Kilcourse rounds up the Soap and Glory beauty bus experience


Today was the fabulous day that the Soap and Glory bus came to campus, in trail of glitter and pink. The bubble bus has been touring around British universities of late, starting off in Scotland before heading down to Manchester.

Soap and Glory are clearly eager to engage with the student market—I’m fairly certain the big pink bus will have gained a few new followers! Recently, Soap and Glory have become a household name in the UK beauty market, and we all know the products: the retro packaging, whimsical puns and—this is in no way a bad thing—the guarantee that you will receive a fabulous gift set for Christmas (thanks to the Boots 3 for 2 offer!)

The bus was outside the Students’ Union from 10am–6pm, and was all about creating a party vibe. Inside there was an air tattoo bar, for all your glitter tattoo needs, the opportunity to get an amazing goodie bag, a braid bar, dance classes, a slide, and for one lucky group of friends, a VIP pamper experience. I’m jealous of the lucky ladies who won! We did get a sneak peak inside the VIP goodie bag and it was a win on its own.

For now though it is goodbye to our fabulous pink bus, it’s moving to a far off land—well, Leeds is the next stop. We can only hope to see more from the lovely ladies and gents in pink!