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Daily Archives: 17th October 2016

Photo: Malia Bouattia Facebook

NUS President Malia Boutattia condemned as ‘racist’

The Home Affairs Select Committee have found Malia Boutattia to be “racist” in their cross-party investigation into allegedly anti-Semitic comments and incidents

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Sport Volunteering: Viviane’s story at the 2016 Rio Olympics

With JustFest just around the corner, read the story of Viviane Kemgne, who volunteered at the biggest sporting event in the world

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Tracks of the week: 17th October

Rising star D.D. Dumbo tops this week’s roundup of new tracks

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

America’s Game

The NFL rolls onto its 7th week of the season, Toby Webb gives his opinion on the race to next year’s Super Bowl

Louis Theroux outside The Church of Scientology building in LA. Photo: Red Box Films

“Even though they’re not letting me in, I’m going to make a film anyway”

My Scientology Movie brings with it spontaneity, investigation, and wit, alongside the detail of the bizarre underworld of Scientology

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Head To Head at Castlefield Gallery

Castlefield Gallery presents innovative artist Christian Falsnaes and his stunningly unique work

Photo: Opera House Manchester

Review: Rehearsal for Murder

The overall plot was compelling and built tension, but was let down by the poor performance style


Review: 64 Squares

A game of chess brought to life like you’ve never seen before

Photo: Elizabeth Payne

12/10/16: Netball’s Big Wednesday

The University of Manchester’s netball teams are off to a flying start

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Sexual abuse scandals at universities akin to Savile and Catholic Church cases

Huge scale sex abuse scandals have been uncovered throughout UK universities, with evidence dating back to the 1980s

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British universities use trigger warnings to help students’ mental health

The use of trigger warnings in UK universities is on the rise as we follow the trend from the US

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Gears of War 4 – Review

Gears 4 feels like a great starting off point for a new trilogy, in places it even feels like this was what they were going for with the original Gears of War