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Manchester Media Group presents: Check Your Exec

Taking place on the 7th of November, Academy 2 welcomes the Manchester Media Group’s first live event: Check your Exec which will give students the opportunity to question their exec


The first Manchester Media Group (MMG) event of this academic year will be hosted in Academy 2 on the 7th November at 6pm. Students are being given a rare face-to-face opportunity to grill all members of Students’ Union’s Executive Team on a variety of issues.

The Executive Team consist of the General Secretary (Naa Acquah), Diversity Officer (Ilyas Nagdee), Womens’ Officer (Jenni Smyth), Community Officer (Saffa Mir), Education Officer (Emma Atkins), Wellbeing Officer (Izzy Gurbuz), Campaigns and Citizenship Officer (Sorcha Floyd), and Activities and Development Officer (Tamara O’Neill).

The evening will play out as a Question-Time style event, which will undoubtedly lead to healthy debate and answer all the burning questions that students have for the executive team.

Following the success of last year’s Mancunion Live event, MMG are looking forward to giving the student body a clear way to direct their concerns and criticisms or, put their praise and questions towards the Executive Team.

Last year’s Mancunion Live was a political event, with representatives from several political societies taking questions, whereas Check Your Exec promises to address a wider range of issues.

The floor will be open to questions from students on topics ranging from free speech, mental health and academic success to direct questions regarding the actions of the Student Union.

The whole event will be live-blogged and filmed by FuseTV, with footage becoming available on their YouTube Channel following the evening. Everyone is also encouraged to live-tweet the event using the hashtag #CheckYourExec, as the best Tweets may be featured in an article after the event.

In order to secure your place at the Check Your Exec, please email a question for the Executive Team to before the event this Monday.

  • J

    You should be able to submit questions before hand, like it is on PMQs. It’s better the exec have time to prepare their answers than don’t make any sense when they have to think on the spot.

    • E

      Hi, that’s what you’re supposed to do – you email your question to and that secures your seat at the event too. Although there is a chance to ask questions that come to mind throughout the debate.