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Yearly Archives: 2016

Photo: The Weinstein Company

Review: The Hateful Eight

The Hateful Eight may not stand up as one of Tarantino’s finest films, but on its own terms it is an enjoyable flick featuring strong performances and the director’s trademark sharp dialogue

Photo:Album Artwork

Record Reappraisal: David Bowie – Low

Dedicated to the memory of the gender-transcending and timeless rock star, we reappraise Bowie’s most confessional album, Low

A crowd of demonstrators outside the MRI. Photos: The Mancunion

Junior doctors strike for first time in 40 years

With around 100 picket lines outside UK hospitals, junior doctors, students and those standing in solidarity came out to protest the contract changes

Protesters at October's junior doctor march. Photo: garryknight @Flickr

Student nurses and midwives march against bursary changes

Alongside national news of junior doctors’ strikes on Tuesday, student nurses and midwives also marched through Manchester, Newcastle and London to protest changes that will see bursaries replaced with loans

Photo: Beau Considine @Flickr

To hunt or not to hunt? That is the question. But for who?

Colm Lock attempts to debunk some myths surrounding hunting and suggests the devolution of the debate around its legality is the only way forward

Photo credit: Radiohead's Facebook

Spectre & Speculation: Where will Radiohead go next?

Jay Plent muses on what Britain’s most influential band will do next

Animal Farm Photo: UoM Drama Society

Review: Animal Farm

As part of the Drama Society’s latest ‘Autumn Showcase’, Monique Touko presents her adaption of the Orwell classic Animal Farm

Paul McEwan (Mo), Andrew Sheridan (Dustfinger), Katherine Carlton (Meggie), Rachel Atkins (Elinor), and Kelly Hotten (The Narrator) in Inkheart, adapted by Walter Meierjohann and Stephen Sharkey from the novel by Cornelia Funke, directed by Walter Meierjohann. Photo: Graeme Cooper

Review: Inkheart

Directed by Walter Meierjohann, HOME presents Inkheart as its first Winter showcase

Photos: Top row L-R: Missguided, Fabletics, Missguided
Bottom row L-R: Zazzle, Missguided, Nike

The New Year’s realistic resolutions

Soph Soar discusses the real investment of fitness fashion for those whose New Year’s resolutions aren’t going to plan

Photo: Album artwork

Album: David Bowie – Blackstar

David Bowie doesn’t like looking back down memory lane in heritage rock docs. Instead, he delivers strange, serpentine albums like Blackstar with both eyes set firmly on the future

Photo: Jason Bell

Review: Romeo and Juliet

The English National Ballet’s interpretation of Romeo and Juliet casts a renaissance masterpiece over Manchester’s Palace Theatre

Mancunion Live will take place on Wednesday, February 3rd. Photo: The Mancunion

2015 in review

A roundup of the best of 2015’s news, culture and lifestyle as reported on by The Mancunion