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Daily Archives: 3rd February 2017

Photo: Wikimedia Commons:Mark Andrew

Mayoral candidate invites Trump to Manchester

Amidst controversy surrounding Trump’s scheduled state visit this year, one Greater Manchester mayoral candidate plans to invite the President to visit the city

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SOAS Jewish students ‘do not have the right’ to define anti-Semitism

SOAS, a university already embroiled in anti-Israel controversy, has denied their Jewish students the right to ‘define their own oppression’

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New report suggests sex and relationship education is ignored by Ofsted

Pressure is mounting on MPs to make Sex and Relationships Education and PSHE compulsory after the release of a damning report by the British Humanist Association

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Trump’s executive order: Impact on students

Ollie Potter looks at the impact of President Trump’s executive travel ban on foreign and US-born students in the USA

Photo: Manchester Students' Union

Manchester Students’ Union undergoing major refurbishment

The commercial areas of the Students’ Union are set to close from May until next September whilst the building undergoes a huge renovation project

Photo: r-a-v-e-n@Flickr

Anti-homeless spikes removed after public backlash

Anti-homeless spikes in Manchester have been removed due to public outcry


‘Zero’ Black academics employed in top roles at British universities

Recent statistics show that there are no black managers, directors, or senior officials at any UK universities

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Global News: Science

Read the best science news from around the world this week

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Top universities must do more for social mobility

After experiencing gender and class-based discrimination whilst she attended Imperial College London, Martha Hilton was driven to establish the researching charity, Educating All at RECLAIM