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Opportunity to ‘speed-network’ with Andy Burnham

The Labour Greater Manchester Mayoral Candidate, Andy Burnham, is offering the opportunity for one-to-one questions with students and young people around Manchester

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The Fabian society are hosting an event on Monday 13th February, inviting you to question Mayoral Candidate for Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham MP.

Open to all ages, this event provides an opportunity for anyone to press Andy on his ideas about the future of Manchester. Last summer Burnham missed out on leading the Labour party, second to Jeremy Corbyn. Burnham has been an MP in Leigh for 15 years.

Burnham’s campaign claims to centre around harnessing ideas from local young people. In his manifesto he says: “There is a real sense of despondency amongst young people who continue to get a rough deal from the Westminster government. Wherever they turn, they seem to have barriers put up in front of them.”

He has promoted ideas such as  introducing quality apprenticeships for all school leavers, creating an affordable home building programme and encouraging Manchester’s cycling bug.

He adds: “In the face of post-Brexit Britain, it has never been more important for our young people to have the chance to decide what their future looks like… We should also look at how we can set up a Greater Manchester Rent-to-Own scheme to encourage home-ownership for the under 35s. And we must do more to end the blight of homelessness in Greater Manchester.”

In recent statements, Andy has expressed a hope to oversee a radical project integrating the various regions of Manchester. If elected Mayor, Burham oversee a £6bn health and social budget, one of the busiest police services in the UK, and a potential revolution in city transport.

The Greater Manchester Fabian Society is holding this event at the University Technical College at Media City, live in a TV studio. If you are interested and want to get involved, use this link to sign up and submit your questions.