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Cheating husband sues Uber

A French man is suing the taxi company Uber after his wife received app notifications from a ride he took to meet his lover. The man used the app once from his wife’s phone, and so every time after that, his Uber notifications appeared on there. Thanks to the notifications, she found out about her husband’s unfaithfulness, and now she wants to divorce him. The man is now asking the California-based company for €45 million, or $48 million, according to Le Figaro. Uber has not publicly commented on the case.

Spain kidnaps iceberg lettuce from supermarkets

The Sun blames the Spanish city of Murcia for hoarding massive reserves of vegetables, whilst British consumers face rationing. The newspaper published a photo taken inside supermarket chain Mercadona, in which a large amount of lettuces is shown, alongside a photo of a Tesco supermarket with empty shelves, as a way of showing that the cold weather that Spain has suffered is only affecting England. The tabloid also confirms the existence of a black market in which vegetables are overpriced. This issue has become a national joke in Spain, where people are jokingly claiming that it is an ‘act of revenge’ for Brexit.

500kg Egyptian woman in India for weight loss surgery

Eman Ahmed, the heaviest woman in the world, will fly to India for weight loss surgery. At 500kg, the Egyptian is now the heaviest woman alive — the former Guinness record holder was Pauline Potter of the United States, who weighed 292kg in 2010. At first, the Indian embassy in Egypt denied her visa request as she was unable to travel there in person. Union External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj eventually approved a medical visa request, allowing Ahmed to remain in Egypt for surgery until early March. So far, she has lost 30kg over 5 days of treatment.

Nazi anthem played at tennis match

The United States Tennis Association has been forced to apologise after a Nazi era version of the German national anthem was sung at a Hawaiian tournament. The song, the Deutschlandlied, became the official German anthem under the democratic Weimar Republic in the 1920s. The first verse, which was removed after the Second World War, was sung by a soloist at the Fed Cup before German Andrea Petkovic played American Alison Riske. Petkovic said that the incident was “an absolute outrage and affront, the lowest.”oist at the Fed Cup before German Andrea Petkovic played American Alison Riske. Petkovic said that the incident was “an absolute outrage and affront, the lowest.

Man finds cocaine in Nesquik

In Spain, a man bought what appeared to be a regular packet of Nesquik in a supermarket. At home, when he was preparing his breakfast, he discovered cocaine inside the box, instead of the powdered chocolate milk he expected. After making this discovery, he went to the police station, where he was told that this amount of cocaine had a street value of €13,ooo. This news story has got all the social networks excited all over Spain. Memes related to the incident have quickly appeared; the infamous Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar dressed up as Nesquik’s rabbit is one of the best.

Kim Jong-un’s half-brother dies suddenly

Kim Jong-nam, the half-brother of Kim Jong-un, has reportedly died after being taken ill at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia. One female has been arrested in connection with his death, following rumours of an attack by two female operatives, thought to be from North Korea. He reportedly fell out of favour with Kim Jong-Un after sneaking out of the country to visit Disneyland Tokyo, and it is rumoured that he had been banished from the country ever since. Malaysian police are looking for more suspects, although his identity has yet to be confirmed by police.

Spelling embarrassment for Trump

Donald Trump’s inauguration poster has been released — but with an embarrassing spelling mistake. Featuring an image of a smiling Trump, and a quote from his victory speech, the mistake comes in the phrase: ‘No dream is too big, no challenge is to great [sic].’ This grammatical error has been seen as a source of amusement for many. The poster has been removed from sale from the Library of Congress’ website after the mistake was noticed, but not before people picked up on the error on social media, with many taking this latest mistake as a sign of the President’s incompetence.

Film banned for not starring Morgan Freeman

Licensing authorities in Uzbekistan have postponed a movie because it does not star Morgan Freeman. The thriller movie, Daydi, has been delayed in post-production, after the production company was accused of featuring Morgan Freeman on promotional material, and even briefly appearing in the trailer, giving the impression that he stars in the film. He does not. The images appearing on posters and in the trailer are said to be taken from another film of his, Last Knights, which was poorly received. Timur Films has yet to comment on the allegations.

Flowers, Theresa?

Downing Street have fallen for a hoax planned by comedian Heydon Prowse, who phoned No. 10 claiming to work for Sean Spicer and offering flowers on Trump’s behalf. According to The Telegraph, Prowse said: “OK, what we’ll also do is we’ll send over a lovely card with a picture of Mr Trump grabbing Theresa May’s p****, I mean hand, sorry, [aide laughs and says ‘Oh God’] — I meant hand obviously, sorry, that was a slip of the tongue.” The Downing Street aide is said to have promised to pass on Trump’s well wishes, although since the hoax was revealed, they have declined to comment.

‘Drunk’ hedgehog given helping hand

A hedgehog has been helped by New Zealand police after what seems to be a particularly mad night out. The disorientated creature was found wandering the streets of Arrantown “looking very drunk and walking into things,” with a yoghurt pot firmly wedged on his head. Thankfully, the police officers were able to assist this public menace, and a Facebook post shows the story has a happy ending, saying: “After a brief foot pursuit, the subject was cornered and the yoghurt pot removed. Crime prevention advice provided about going through other people’s rubbish. [He] lived to fight another day.”