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Live: Ladyhawke

Ladyhawke comes to Manchester in an effortlessly cool performance at the Academy, writes Lydia Ransome


11th February at Academy 3


Last weekend, synth-pop legend Ladyhawke delivered a flawless performance at the intimate Manchester Academy 3 venue as the New Zealand-born blondie played a set of old and new tracks from her decade career in the music scene.The gig was part of her Let it Roll tour, which include appearances across UK cities including Birmingham, Leeds and London.

The night began with the support act named Isle, an electric two-piece with enough energy to excite the room in anticipation for the main performance. Soft-pop vocals teamed with rock guitar chords, the Glaswegian duo got the crowds going with some up-beat tracks. Think The 1975 or Girls, across a set of four or five glossy pop songs which wouldn’t feel out of place in the backing track of an episode of Made in Chelsea or some other reality TV programme. Perhaps not an immediate choice for a support act for this artist, but it works well.

Arriving on stage with her Stevie Nicks-esque hair-do and quirky bomber jacket, Ladyhawke dives straight into ‘Pip’, one of her newer tracks. The great thing about the singer’s performance was that she knew what the crowd wanted – instead of arrogantly playing tracks from her newer, arguably less popular albums, the tech-queen played essentially the entirety of her first album.

A real treat for all die-hard Ladyhawke fans, the second song of the night, ‘Back of the Van’, was followed by ‘Dusk Til Dawn’ and ‘Professional Suicide’ – all classic tracks by the techno-pop artist.

There was never a dull moment in her sixteen-track set. There was definitely opportunity for the artist to dive into her less well-known tracks, as the Stevie Nicks-indebted performance was a crowd pleaser regardless of whether the fans actually knew the songs that were being played. Ladyhawke’s on-stage presence was stunning – a real treat for the fans.

A rare UK performance for the New Zealand artist, Ladyhawke will be sure to return. A truly compelling performance, Ladyhawke is one of those artists you’ve got to see before you die.