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Mix and Match Stir Fry

Buying a stir fry deal from a supermarket always leaves me pushing mystery veg around my plate and wishing for more chicken or noodles. The simple way to get around this is by making your own. It seems really complicated but actually, it couldn’t be easier, just choose from this mix and match list and follow the cooking instructions.


Serves 2

20-30 minutes or so plus 1 hour marinade time




Chicken, strips OR Salmon OR Beef, strips


Vegetables (choose a mixture, you want about 1 extra large handful per person)

Pepper batons

Carrot OR Courgette ribbons (use a peeler)

Baby sweetcorn

Onion wedges

Sugar snap peas OR Mangetout

Spinach OR Bok Choi

Spring Onions

2 Portions Rice OR Fresh Egg Noodles



Place the strips of chicken or beef, or the whole fillets of salmon in a plastic sandwich bag with about 3tbsp of teriyaki, seal and leave to marinate for an hour or so.
Prepare the vegetables so that they’re all in fairly narrow strips to help them stir fry evenly and if you need to cook the rice then do so now.
If you’re eating salmon then wrap it and the remaining marinade in some tinfoil to bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 12 minutes.
Heat some oil in a wok or large frying pan on the hob (side note: I bought a wok from Wing Yip for about £7 and once I’d seasoned it  — the oven method is best— it worked brilliantly). When the oil is hot put in the chicken or beef strips and stir fry until cooked (that’s only a couple of minutes for the beef but longer for the chicken to make sure it’s safe). Add in the vegetables and let them wilt, stirring constantly over a high heat. Chuck in the carbs, stirring to heat them through and distribute everything evenly. Break up the hot salmon and stir through. Serve in big bowls.