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Louis Tomlinson is arrested for ‘attacking paparazzi’
One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson has been arrested after getting caught in a fight with paparazzi as he arrived at Los Angeles International Airport with his girlfriend Eleanor Calder. The singer asked the paparazzi to stop filming him as he waited to collect his luggage, but the paparazzi did not, so the altercation began. Miss Calder was also involved in an argument with onlookers who began filming the incident. However, he was the only one taken to LA police station. He was ordered to pay $20,000 bail, but he was released without having to pay it.

Pink tap water in Canada
A Canadian town office has apologised after a water treatment plant turned the water supply pink. There was no public health risk, but complaints were more about being kept in the dark; residents said they were annoyed they were not told why the water was fluorescent pink until the situation was over. The mayor said it was the unfortunate side-effect of a common water-treatment chemical, potassium permanganate. The chemical is commonly used to remove iron and hydrogen sulphide from water, and the town office said it got into the reservoir when a valve malfunctioned during “normal line flushing and filter backwashing”.

Malta’s Azure Window collapses into the sea

Malta’s famous landmark, Azure Window rock arch, has collapsed into the sea after heavy storms. A study in 2013 said that while erosion was inevitable, the structure was not in imminent danger of collapsing. The popular limestone arch on Gozo Island was featured on the first episode of the HBO series Game of Thrones and in several films, and it was also the place where all the tourists took photos and videos jumping off the arch into the sea, which actually favours the movement of rocks. The Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said the news was “heartbreaking”.

Iceland’s President would ban pineapple pizza

Iceland’s President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson let us know where he stands in the debate around pineapple on pizza. After answering questions from students at a secondary school in North Iceland, one pupil brave enough to raise the pineapple issue, asked Johannesson what he thought about pineapple as a pizza ingredient. The president held nothing back expressing his hate for the topping. He also said if he had the power to pass laws, he’d ban it across the land. The social networks became crazy, so the president had to say it was only a joke in spite of his dislike for this pairing.

Statue of Liberty plunged into darkness

The Statue of Liberty’s lights were out the day before International Women’s Day. It is extremely strange for the lights to go down on the landmark; this is why some believed that the incident is linked to the Women’s march as if Lady Liberty was on strike too. Some of the campaigners therefore claimed the event as an anti-Trump protester, thanking her for “standing with the resistance”. But the National Parks Service has said the outage was simply due to construction work on a new emergency backup generator. This coincided with the Day Without Women, in which women planned mass strikes in their workplaces to demonstrate the positive impact they have on the economy and business around the world.

Meet the river with the legal status of a person

New Zealand’s Whanganui River has been granted the same legal rights as a person, after calls from the Maori people to protect it, after a century of trying to get their relationship with it acknowledged by the government. The settlement includes a financial restitution of $80 million. It is hoped that this money will be used to restore New Zealand’s longest navigable river to ‘its life-giving essence’, Marama Fox, a leader of the party, told CNN. This is thought to be one of the first times that such an action has taken place.

Six year old gives up birthday to help the homeless

Armani Crews, a six-year-old girl from Chicago, decided to give up her own birthday party so that she could give the homeless the food that she would have had at her party. When warned that she wouldn’t get any presents, she responded by saying that that would be okay, as long as others could eat. Friends and family started to donate to make her wish come true, and the family prepared both food and care packages to help provide for the approximately one hundred and twenty five people queued up outside her door. The family now plan to make this food drive an annual tradition.

Ship ploughs into ‘pristine’ coral reef

The captain of a cruise ship that crashed into a coral reef that was said to be in perfect condition could be facing criminal charges. The reef at Raja Amput destroyed almost 140,000 square feet of reef, and it is thought to be almost impossible to restore it to its former glory. Noble Caledonia, the company that ran the cruises, has issued an apology for the incident, and as promised to start a fund to help towards the repair of the reef, but as of yet has offered no explanation for the crash.

Loose Moose causes mayhem

A moose has found a great source of amusement in galloping down a slope at Breckenridge ski resort in Colorado, much to the surprise of Cheri Luther and her friend Amy, who were snowboarding at the time. She kept snowboarding whilst it ran along beside her, and said in a Facebook post that she didn’t stop, scared that it was chasing her. A resort representative has said that nobody was hurt, and a wildlife expert has suggested that it was probably just trying to get away and that incidents like these are not uncommon.

A very charitable donation

Five large bags of marijuana have been found at the bottom of a cooler donated to the charity Goodwill in Washington. Store employees happened across the stash one morning whilst sorting through donations and quickly called the police. It is legal to possess marijuana if you are over twenty one in Washington, but this stash was over sixty times the legal limit. The police have tried to trace it back to the original owner, but although many people have claimed it on social media, there has not yet been anybody that was willing to go to the station to claim it.