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Aadel’s top ten young football players

With some hot property out there in world football, lets take a look at some of the best emerging talent


Young players emerging within the football industry is definitely not a new phenomenon, as all extraordinary players have to start somewhere to make their dream a reality. Nevertheless, there are only a handful of young players who have been deemed to possess the right to be placed among the highest pedestals of this wonderful career, as their past performances have yielded high success rates.

Here are my picks for the top ten football players who are under the age of twenty-one, including a tricksy wildcard choice:

1. Gianluigi Donnarumma

Italian; 25 February 1999 (age 18); AC Milan; Goalkeeper

2. Marcus Rashford

English; 31 October 1997 (age 19); Manchester United; Centre-forward (left wing)

3. Renato Sanches

Portuguese; 18 August 1997 (age 19); Bayern München; Central midfield (attacking midfield, defensive midfield)

4. Ousmane Dembélé

French; 15 May 1997 (age 19); Borussia Dortmund; Left wing (right wing, attacking midfield)

5. Gabriel Jesus

Brazilian; 3 April 1997 (age 19); Manchester City; Centre-forward (left wing, right wing)

6. Kelechi Iheanacho

Nigerian; 3 October 1996 (age 20); Manchester City; Centre-forward (secondary striker)

7. Alen Halilović

Croatian; 18 June 1996 (age 20); Las Palmas (on loan from Hamburger SV); Attacking midfield (right wing, left wing)

8. Kingsley Coman

French; 13 June 1996 (age 20); Bayern München (on loan from Juventus); Right wing (secondary striker, left wing)

9. Dele Alli

English; 11 April 1996 (age 20); Tottenham Hotspur; Central midfield (attacking midfield, left midfield)

10. Breel Embolo (WILDCARD)

Swiss (born in Cameroon); 14 February 1997 (age 20); Schalke 04; Centre-forward (right wing)

Embolo, who plays for the Swiss national team, has been declared the wildcard of the list primarily due to his presence seemingly being odd among the line-up of the aforementioned young titans; he has boundless potential and it is believed that he is at the forefront of making it as one of the finest youths of the beautiful game.

Nonetheless, he has been off the radar for some time due to crucial injury, which definitely hindered his blooming progress towards the top. Yet, his hopefully speedy recovery will once again allow him to prove his worth among the elites.

It is fundamental for football teams to proactively seek hot prospects early, as this risk will probably be proven to be deservedly well-taken. The ability to discover and snatch young talent is absolutely priceless.

This sustainable objective will probably prove to have been worthwhile for the (purchasing) club, mainly in terms of future performance contributions, financial gains and international fame. Talented young athletes are indeed a gem in any sporting industry.

  • askar shaeri

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    • Aadel Shaaeri

      Thank you, I’m glad you have enjoyed it.

  • Can I get a bacon mbappe

    Mbappe should really be near the top of this list and you haven’t included him!

    • Aadel Shaaeri

      Apologies for not including him onto the list. At the time, I concluded that he was still a raw talent, despite his noticeable rapid development. Although, as a hidden hint in regards to this exciting prospect, I have released an article describing the legend who has been heavily linked to Kylian Mbappé.