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PVRIS have matured their sound


PVRIS’ second album All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell (or aptly can be shortened to AWKOHAWNKOH) has a far more mature sound than their often brash and intense previous work. The pop-rock group from Massachusetts have moved towards a synth and electronic tinged rock sound instead. This doesn’t, however, mean they have left behind the moody aesthetic themes which form a part of the bands’ original image.

Since the trio debuted their first album White Noise back in 2014, they have gone from success to success. Touring with the likes of Bring Me the Horizon, 30 Seconds to Mars and even rock superstars, MUSE earlier this year.

All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell opens with the previously released single ‘Heaven’. This song well-reflects the different aspects of what the band bring to the following tracks: catchy guitar riffs, bold and assured vocals, with a nice addition of gentle instrumental to finish. Leading lady and singer Lynn Gunn has flawless, silky vocals which flow from track to track. This makes the album sound masterfully polished and cleverly thought out. Tracks, Anyone Else and Winter have a much more tender tone to them. Nevertheless, there are still flashes of aggression scattered in the album. This is especially true for ‘No Mercy’, which is probably the heaviest song on the album. This is immediately contrasted with the breathtaking and hauntingly beautiful track ‘Separate’.

The concluding song of the album, ‘Nola 1’, has a uniquely different sound when contrasted with the rest of album. It has jingly guitar riffs giving it an indie dance feel. Could this be the new direction for PVRIS?

There are ambitious moments on the album but overall it isn’t anything too striking. The album feels dulled down compared to their other work. Nonetheless, the combination of hypnotic vocals with the complex layered sounds creates a seductive and mesmerizing overall tone. This is not the last we will be hearing from PVRIS, and will no doubt continue to grow and collect even more successes in the future.

The AWKOHAWNOH tour starts later this year, and are performing at the O2 Apollo in Manchester on the 28th November. Tickets can be found here: