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Five easy-to-care indoor plants for your room

Sophia Macpherson offers some tips on how to add some low maintenance greenery to your new abode


I’m not sure about you but one of my favourite things about going back to university is having the chance to redecorate my room all over again. Shamelessly, I end up turning my room into some sort of tropical jungle as I fill it with all sorts of plants.

Not only does it significantly add to the decor of your room but it has actually been scientifically proven to brighten one’s mood. The simple act of shopping for a plant can better your well-being — I am an advocate for that particularly.

Studies by the The American Horticultural Therapy Association have proven that indoor plants can improve your self-esteem as well as help anxiety, stress, and depression. Something as simple as a plant in your room can go a long way on a rainy, grey day — and we have plenty of those in Manchester.

Well, you might be thinking ‘nah, I really don’t have time to take care of a plant’, which is fair enough. We have plenty of other things to do as a student. However, the beauty of indoor plants is that there are plenty of them that need almost zero of your time — you’ll probably spend more time choosing it than actually tending to it.

Here are my top five indoor plants that I haven’t managed to kill yet:

Snake Plant

Although it’s advised to water the plant once a week, I confess I have left it unwatered for 2/3 weeks and have come back with it exactly the same. It is a succulent with thick, waxy leaves and thrives off being a potted plant. It is suitable for all levels of light.

Cacti and Succulents

Inevitably, these were always going to turn up on any list regarding indoor plants. With their small size and extremely easy maintenance, it is a no-brainer purchase. The only thing to remember is to keep them in near the window where they can get some light!


Another beautiful succulent sure to brighten up your room, Aloe only needs watering every few weeks. This plant is as low-maintenance is it can get.

Sago Palm

One of my absolute favourites because it is literally a mini palm tree! Probably the cutest addition to a room, the Sago is suitable for all levels of light (although preferable to be high-light) and will only die if overwatered.

Monstera Deliciosa a.k.a. Swiss Cheese Plant

This is my top indoor plant, not only because it is gorgeous, but the name in itself does it for me. It is perfect for low-light rooms/wintery days and only requires watering once a week. The only thing to remember is to give it space to grow (not a window sill plant).

To find these plants check out Flourish in town near Debenham’s or House of Plants online!