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Playstation CEO steps down

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s CEO, Andrew House, steps down from his role at the company


After 27 years working alongside Sony, one of the most senior members in the company, Andrew House, made the decision to step down from his position as head of its Interactive Entertainment branch.

Though he may not be a household name per-say, the significance of House’s contribution to Sony’s prolific gaming division is undeniable: if you picked your poison early and aligned with the PlayStation 4 from the moment you saw it debuted in 2013, you most likely got sold into it in the precise way that Andrew House wanted you to.

In recent times press conferences can be argued to have drifted away from the clichéd ‘who won?’ narrative, with the light often being stolen by the newest gimmick that year or host of shenanigans coming out of Nintendo, for instance; for Sony however, conferences have been kept largely clean and simple – and who else can we accredit this to other than House?

House began his career with Sony Interactive Entertainment in 1990, acting as an instrumental part of the launch of the very first PlayStation and by 2011, the franchise was under his confident stewardship after being handed the reigns by Kazuo Hirai. In terms of the current generation, House spearheaded the launch of the PS4 and while the console remains the number one selling console, the success of his campaign is hard to contest.

House’s marketing model was one developed in-house and, at the end of the day, House was an active part of Sony’s marketing team when all there was to do was showcase the ‘AAA’ titles and let the tech do its work — there was no show and dance, the product spoke honestly and the results were impressive enough for it to need nothing to supplement them.

But where does his departure leave Sony now? For a company originating in Japan that has such huge global influence (particularly in Europe), will the loss of an inherently Westernised market figurehead change the face of the next generation of PlayStation and Sony’s Interactive Entertainment division? And for better or worse?