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Antwerp Mansion forced to reduce capacity

Ticket holders to Antwerp Mansion’s Regression Sessions event on Saturday night had their tickets revoked last minute due to fire hazards


The Manchester Fire Brigade forced Antwerp Mansion to temporarily reduce its capacity last week for an event hosted by Regression Sessions.

Regression Sessions issued a statement and apology on Facebook to those who had purchased tickets for the ‘Space Safari’ event via Skiddle: “Due to an order set by the Manchester fire brigade the capacity at Antwerp Mansion has been temporarily reduced. We were notified about this only today.”

As compensation, Skiddle ticket holders are to have their costs refunded and will be given free tickets to Regression Sessions’ Halloween event at the O2 Ritz Manchester.

Since the decision, Antwerp Mansion have yet to release a statement on Facebook or Twitter but did speak to The Tab Manchester. Referring to the decision, a representative for the venue said: “Unfortunately this is correct and we have had to reduce our capacity by around 15 per cent. We are extremely sorry that this will disappoint some people who would have wanted to attend our events this week, especially Regression Sessions [on Saturday night].

“This has happened very suddenly and although we have been working hard with the authorities in the last 48 hours the problem was not able to be solved in time, although a solution has now been agreed.

“We absolutely will resolve the problem next week as we have been working very closely with the authorities to deal with the issue they raised. This is only a temporary problem.”

Capacity problems persisted at the event, with attendees taking to social media to voice their complaints as the club reportedly introduced a one-in-one out policy for the night.

Temporary restrictions have continued since the event, with MotherFunkers having to limit ticket sales for its event on the 12th of October in accordance with the reduced capacity.

As of yet there has been no further information for when and if the temporary restriction will be lifted.